Screener Overview

Screeners allow you to filter through all of the stocks in Stock Rover's investment universe (NYSE, NASDAQ and Toronto exchanges) in order to find the ones that meet your specific investment criteria. The available filtering criteria is comprehensive; Stock Rover contains well over 500 screenable metrics, which cover price performance, financial and operational metrics, as well as sector and industry metrics.

Premium and Premium Plus users can also weight criteria used in screening to create a composite score that can be used to rank the returned results from #1 on down, thereby easily identifying the top investment candidates that pass a particular screener.

Premium and Premium Plus users can also perform screening on the ETF universe, looking for promising ETFs that meet your investment criteria.

Premium Plus users can screen on historical data and can create equations that incorporate past and present data to create more complex screening and filtering conditions.

Screeners always use the most recent stock data, meaning that the results of a screener will likely change when a screener is run at different points in time.

Stock Rover provides a large number of pre-built screeners in our library, each of which implement a different well known investment strategy.

There is a video that shows an overview of the screener facility. The video can be viewed here. Please note that this video was recorded on a slightly earlier version of Stock Rover, so there may be some minor differences between the product you experience and this video.

Screener Overview

Running a Screener