Running a Screener

Screeners can be run in two different ways in Stock Rover. Screeners can be run when displaying the Table and screeners can be also be run from the Screener Manager. The next two sections describes each of these methods.

Many users are interested in running a screener, and then running a second screener on the results of the first screener. This process can even be extended to a third screener. The last section describes how to screen with multiple screeners.

Running a Screener from the Table

First, select the Table from the Start Menu on the left-hand side. Then ensure the Screeners folder in the Navigation Panel to the right of the Start Menu bar is expanded, which lists the available screeners. Clicking on any screener in the list will run that screener, and the results will load in the Table. See the screenshot below.

Please note the screener results automatically update when auto refresh is on and the screener is selected in the Navigation panel. Please see this link on how to turn on auto refresh.

Run Screener

Running a Screener from the Screener Manager

To run a screener from the Screener Manager, first select Screeners from the Start Menu on the left-hand side. Then select the screener you would like to run from the Screeners window to the right of the Start menu bar.

To actually run the selected screener, click on the ‘Run In Table’ button. This will bring you to the table and create a new view called Screener Filters where the columns are the criteria (filters) used in the screener.

Run Screener

Running Multiple Screeners

The first step is to run the initial screener and display the results in the Table. In the example below the Buffetology Inspired screener has been run and loaded into the Table.

To run the second screener, you right click on the desired screener in the Navigation panel. In this example it is Growth at a Reasonable Price. Then you select either the option to Filter Table or to Score Table. For more detail on these options please see the Screening the Table section.

Run Screener

The results of the Score Table option are being displayed in the screenshot below and we can see the tickers who scored a 100%. These are the tickers that passed both screeners. The title at the top of the table is highlighted and displaying the names of the screeners. It is showing the results of the Buffettology Inspired screener was then scored by the second screener Growth at a Reasonable Price.

Run Screener

If you chose the Filter Table option then you can right click on a third screener and select the filter option to run an additional screener against the results from the previous screeners.

Screener Overview Charting a Screener