Phones and Tablets


Stock Rover offers a separate phone web experience. When you first log into Stock Rover with your phone, you will get the option of choosing the Phone Experience or Desktop Experience. The difference is as follows:

Phone Experience

The phone experience is optimized for the phone screen and includes the features and functionality most needed when mobile. This experience allows searching on a ticker, checking your portfolio or watchlists, running a screener, and viewing the dashboard.

Note: with the Phone Experience, you cannot make changes to your portfolios, watchlists, or screeners. This needs to be done by logging to Stock Rover on a device that supports the Desktop experience.

For more detail on the Phone Experience, please take a look our help pages.

Desktop Experience

This is the full Stock Rover product available on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. However the desktop experience is not optimized for the phone. It is best used on devices with much larger screens. Note that some areas of functionality don’t render well and can’t effectively be utilized on a phone.


When you log into Stock Rover from a Tablet you will be using the Desktop experience.

In order to make the desktop experience on a tablet as streamlined and simple as possible, there are a few minor areas of functionality differences between the desktop experience on a tablet vs. on a laptop or a desktop device.

The limitations when running on a tablet are as follows:

  • Popup windows are not resizable.
  • Drag and drop is not supported for tablets. For desktops and laptops, drag and drop works in tables, the navigation panel, and the quotes list.
  • There is no ability to detach a panel to a separate window.
  • Right-click option is not available on the tablet, the small downward triangles are available to access the right-click menus. See the following link if you are not seeing them.
  • Tooltips are only available in the Chart facility.

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