The browser contains the following columns:

  • Name – Name of the metric.
  • Folder – Category the metric is found in.
  • Plan – The minimum subscription plan required to see the metric.
  • Intraday – If the data is updated during the day or nightly.
  • History – If the metric contains historical data.
  • Usages – The number of views that use the metric.
  • Sample – A sample of how the data is displayed.
  • Units – Unit of measure for the metric.
  • Add – Selectable column to import metrics to the current Table view.

Note if you mouse over the usages cell for a metric with a non zero value, it will list the Views the metric is currently in.

As seen in the screenshot below these columns can be removed from the view and you can choose what is displayed in the browser. You can also reorder the columns by dragging and dropping them.

columns metric browser

Search Window Filter by Plan