Bookmarks Overview

Bookmarks allow you to customize the Start menu with the parts of Stock Rover that you use most often and want quick access to.

Navigate to a page

Let’s suppose you use the Future Income feature of Stock Rover a lot. To add it as a bookmark, go to Future Income by clicking on Portfolios in the Start Menu and then clicking on Future Income in the top row of buttons, as shown below, or by clicking from the quick links, as highlighted below.

Stock Rover Future Income Initiation

This brings up the Future Income display, as shown below.

Stock Rover Future Income Display

Add a Bookmark

To add a bookmark you can click on My Bookmarks in the Start menu, as shown below.

Stock Rover Bookmark

This will open the bookmarks dialog window, where you can add the new bookmark, as shown below. You can also rearrange bookmarks, rename bookmarks or remove bookmarks from this window.

Stock Rover Bookmark Dialog

Now the Bookmarks section has Future Income added as if it were built into the product, as shown below.

Stock Rover Future Income

In certain situations Bookmarks are context-aware. For example, suppose that Google is your biggest position and you want to check in on it on a regular basis by looking at its chart. Your preferred chart is to look back 6 months and to look at the price chart in Candlestick mode. You also want to see the Average True Range chart. You set that up as follows in charting:

Stock Rover Google Chart

Then you just bookmark it.

Stock Rover Google Chart Dialog

Now it is on the Start menu for easy access, as shown below.

Stock Rover Google Chart Bookmark