How To

V6.4 Overview
Brokerage Connection Basics
Accessing Stock Rover
Screen Layout
Resizing, Collapsing, and Detaching Panels
Start Menu
Right-Click Menus
Importing and Exporting
Getting Answers
Stock Rover Markets
Connect to Brokerage House
Connect to Multiple Accounts
Linking Portfolios
Delete Portfolios
Remove Brokerage Account
Search Terms
Change Your Password
Update Email Preferences
Change Your Plan
See and Download Billing History
Delete Your Account
Overview of the Table
Metric Definitions
View Tabs
Stock Summary Tooltips
Refresh the Prices
Add a Ticker to the Database
View a Set of Stocks or ETFs
View Historical Data
Search for Stocks
Add Individual Tickers to the Table
Sort Stock Data
Filter Stocks
Remove Stocks
Change Columns
Color-Code a Stock
Group Stocks
Tag a Stock with a Keyword
Export the Table
Print the Table
Overview of the Quotes Box
Add Tickers to the Quotes Box
Add Quotes to Main Table
View Only Quotes in Main Table
Remove Quotes
Add a Dataset to the Quotes Box
Add and Remove Tickers from the Chart
Unlink the Chart from the Table
Change Price Settings
Zoom In and Out
Change Periods
Set a Baseline
Event Markers
Save a Chart Configuration
The Insight Panel
SEC Filings
Insider Transactions
Financial Statements
Analyst Estimates & Ratings
Peer Stocks
External Links
Research Notes
Create or Import Portfolio
Update a Portfolio
Delete a Portfolio
Chart a Portfolio
Analyze a Portfolio
Plan Portfolio Trades
Rebalance a Portfolio
Organize Portfolios in Folders
Rank Portfolio via Screener
Overview of Watchlists
Create or Import a Watchlist
Update a Watchlist
Combine Watchlists
Delete a Watchlist
Save Tag Set to a Watchlist
Rank Watchlist via Screener
Overview of Screeners
Create or Import a Screener
Ranked Screeners
Equation Screeners
Update a Screener
Delete a Screener
Apply Screener to a Ticker Set
Save Screener Results
See Screener Criteria
Overview of Alerts
Set an Alert for a Ticker
Set an Alert for a Portfolio or Watchlist
Reactivate an Alert
Modify an Alert
Daily vs. Once Alerts
See Past Alerts
Behavior and Limits
Overview of Data Backup and Sharing
Share a Portfolio, Watchlist, or Screener With Other Users
Backing Up a Portfolio, Watchlist, or Screener
Restoring a Portfolio, Watchlist, or Screener
Saving and Restoring Views
Overview of the Investors' Library
Importing Items to Your Stock Rover Account
Greyed Out Items
Restore Defaults
Submit an Item to the Investors' Library
Suggest a Metric for Stock Rover