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Video Home > Webinar - Markets, Sectors and Portfolios (43:44)

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This webinar shows how to perform real world investment research with Stock Rover. It focuses on markets, sectors, portfolios and finding and evaluating new investment opportunities. Howard Reisman, Stock Rover's CEO delivers the webinar.

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List of Contents

0:00  - Overview of webinar

3:32  - Checking market health

6:33  - Checking the health of individual sectors

7:22  - Adding S&P 500 as a benchmark

9:23  - Looking at portfolio allocation

12:37 - Looking at weights of stocks within portfolios

16:32 - Checking portfolio performance

17:56 - Comparing an MLP portfolio to a relevant benchmark

18:58 - Checking performance of individual holdings

23:22 - Additional method for checking performance of individual holdings

26:08 - Incorporating technicals

28:14 - Finding new blood

30:04 - Investigating value picks from a Barron’s article

32:46 - Using the Relative Strength screener

33:44 - Filtering for large cap

34:22 - Saving stocks in table as a watchlist

34:50 - Summary of finding new stocks

35:36 - Researching new investment ideas in depth

39:37 - Using the News tab

40:46 - Summary of process

42:40 - Testing potential portfolio changes on a portfolio copy