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for Your Investment Research
Designed for investors of all levels, Stock Rover helps you find, compare, and analyze stocks, ETFs, portfolios, and more—all from an organized, interactive dashboard.

Watch our 90 second video to see why you need Stock Rover.
Cut to the Chase
Stock screening, comparison, and in-depth research are our specialties. Nowhere else can you so easily and directly compare investments across hundreds of financial metrics.
Invest Better
Research stocks, analyze your portfolio, and gain valuable insights that will lead to better investing decisions. Check out our blog posts, videos, webinars, and written help guides to see what we mean.
Tune in Anywhere
Leaving your desk doesn’t mean leaving your investments—Stock Rover is mobile, so you can check investment news and data from wherever you are.
Find promising stocks in the haystack
Flexible and easy to use, our screener is a user favorite:

• Filtering with 300+ metrics
• Screening on both current and historical data
• Freeform equations add power and flexibility
• Quant ranking shows the best stocks at the top
• Saved screeners can be run anytime
Be confident in your selections
We believe that being able to clearly compare investments to peers and relevant benchmarks is essential for making sound investment decisions. Rather than just giving you a page of data for a single stock, Stock Rover lets you directly compare competing investments through multiple lenses, with tools to help you sift through data and locate important differences.
Search broadly, then dig in deep
With Stock Rover, you can access details about a company’s health, history, and outlook with very few clicks. On top of the hundreds of metrics available in the Table and Chart, our Insight panel will take you the last mile with peer comparison, links to earnings reports, insider transactions, analyst estimates, and much more.
Fine-tune your decision-making:
Stock Rover has an array of tools for analyzing your investments:
Performance tracking on portfolios and watchlists
Portfolio trade modeling to backtest and plan trades
Portfolio Analysis facility to calculate risk and assess individual holdings
Alerts to let you know when a stock has crossed key thresholds
Technical indicators to help you predict price movement

Stock Rover News

Our Long-Term Favorites In This Market
8/28/15 - Given the tempestuous climate of the market this week, there are most certainly deals to be had. Here are a few of the Stock Rover staff's favorite stocks this month. All of the stocks can be found in the “Stocks on Sale” watchlist, available in our Library.
At All-Time High, What's Next For Molina Health?
8/19/15 - Molina Healthcare (MOH) provides healthcare for 3 million Medicaid recipients in 11 states and Puerto Rico. At its all-time high, MOH looks like a volatile overperformer. Whether the company is under or overvalued depends on which metric you use: it trades at 33x earnings but a PEG ratio of only 0.9. Read more about this intriguing growth pick.
Webinar Recording Available: Screening for Different Investing Goals
8/19/15 - Learn how to use Stock Rover's advanced screening tools to support a variety of different screening goals.
Alaska Air Is America's Best Run Airline
8/13/15 - Alaska Air has the best operating performance of the 7 largest American carriers so far this year, a fortress of a balance sheet, and they just reported the best quarter in their history. Unlike legacy carriers, ALK is actively growing and looking to the future. Find out why our analyst thinks this is the best airline to own right now.
The Bear Case Against American Airlines
8/13/15 - Amid the rash of bullish articles on AAL, our analyst presents a bear case for investors to consider. Although American is affordable, it may be more of a value trap than a value. While American certainly has strengths, their balance sheet, lack of growth, and operational performance all leave something to be desired.
Novy-Marx Screener Criteria Analyzed with Multiple Regression
8/4/15 - The popular Novy-Marx screener (available in Stock Rover's Library) combines quality and value strategies. Applying the same statistical analysis as in an earlier blog post, guest author Allan Smith attempts to identify which criteria in the screener is most important to 5-year performance.
Stock Rover Receives 2015 Best of Braintree Award
7/9/15 - As a Braintree, MA-based company, Stock Rover has been selected for the 2015 Best of Braintree Award in the Investing Services category.
Stock Rover: Best of the Web
The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) honored Stock Rover for the second year in a row as Editors’ Choice for fundamental stock data in its Best of the Web series. They write “The wide range of information available makes Stock Rover hard to compete with, along with the extensive customization opportunities the site provides for its users—even those using the site for free.”