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Geared to the individual investor, Stock Rover™ is a powerful yet easy to use investment research platform that will turn you into a more educated investor.
Stock Rover™ delivers real-time, actionable information in every pane, making it easier to uncover winning investments than you ever thought possible.
Discovering losers in time is just as important as picking winners. Stock Rover™ cuts through the noise to root out problem investments quickly.

Stock Rover News

Round I of our March Midness tournament reduced our field of 32 mid caps to the Sweet Sixteen based on growth. Round II got us to the Elite Eight based on financial health. Round III gave us the Final Four based on capital efficiency. The Fourth Round is based on competitive advantage. See who our finalists are.

The fourth in our fantasy dividend portfolio series. We find strong dividend growers and assess growth and performance to pare the list down.

The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) just named Stock Rover Best of the Web and Editors' Choice in the category of fundamental stock data.