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for Your Investment Research
Designed for investors of all levels, Stock Rover helps you find, compare, and analyze stocks, ETFs, portfolios, and more—all from an organized, interactive dashboard.

Watch our 90 second video to see why you need Stock Rover.
Cut to the Chase
Stock screening, comparison, and in-depth research are our specialties. Nowhere else can you so easily and directly compare investments across hundreds of financial metrics.
Invest Better
Research stocks, analyze your portfolio, and gain valuable insights that will lead to better investing decisions. Check out our blog posts, videos, webinars, and written help guides to see what we mean.
Tune in Anywhere
Leaving your desk doesn’t mean leaving your investments—Stock Rover is mobile, so you can check investment news and data from wherever you are.
Find promising stocks in the haystack
Flexible and easy to use, our screener is a user favorite:

• Filtering with 300+ metrics
• Screening on both current and historical data
• Freeform equations add power and flexibility
• Quant ranking shows the best stocks at the top
• Saved screeners can be run anytime
Be confident in your selections
We believe that being able to clearly compare investments to peers and relevant benchmarks is essential for making sound investment decisions. Rather than just giving you a page of data for a single stock, Stock Rover lets you directly compare competing investments through multiple lenses, with tools to help you sift through data and locate important differences.
Search broadly, then dig in deep
With Stock Rover, you can access details about a company’s health, history, and outlook with very few clicks. On top of the hundreds of metrics available in the Table and Chart, our Insight panel will take you the last mile with peer comparison, links to earnings reports, insider transactions, analyst estimates, and much more.
Fine-tune your decision-making:
Stock Rover has an array of tools for analyzing your investments:
Performance tracking on portfolios and watchlists
Portfolio trade modeling to backtest and plan trades
Portfolio Analysis facility to calculate risk and assess individual holdings
Alerts to let you know when a stock has crossed key thresholds
Technical indicators to help you predict price movement

Stock Rover News

Under Armour's Growth Is Great, But Already Priced Into The Stock
6/23/15   There's no question that Under Armour (UA) is a rapidly growing company, and that growth looks tantalizing for investors. However, a look at the stock's current and historical valuation shows UA might be in a bubble.
Comcast: An Industry Leader Poised to Expand Its Advantage
6/20/15   Comcast (CMCSA) is a well-run company with a diversified income stream and metric tonnes of free cash flow. It's also attractively priced. Read more about why it could be a great addition to your portfolio.
What's The Deal With Toyota's New Share Class?
6/20/15   Toyota recently introduced a new share class with a 5-year fixed dividend payout and strict rules for transferring shares. There's clearly a lot of opportunity here, but also opportunity cost. We explore the pros and cons on our blog.
Get Howard Reisman's Model Portfolios
6/16/15   Stock Rover CEO Howard Reisman has posted four portfolios into the Stock Rover Investors' Library that you can import into your account for free. The portfolios were built at the beginning of the year and represent Mr. Reisman's model portfolios for four different investing strategies; Dividend Growth, Growth, High Growth and MLPs. To import the portfolios, simply log in and visit the Stock Rover Investors' Library.
Aetna and Cigna: Get In Before It's Too Late
6/16/16   Health insurers Aetna (Aet) and Cigna (CI) are strong candidates for investment: Both boast annual revenue growth of 8% and Price/Earnings ratios of 19.6 and 17.6 respectively, among the best in the industry. Both companies' fundamental strength and technical indicators show that these stocks will likely only get more expensive in the future.
Five Airline Stocks with Room to Grow
6/9/15   With airlines down but a record summer predicted for the industry, which airline stocks are potentially good picks for a growth and value portfolio? Duncan Weinstein lines up five high fliers.
Validating Screener Criteria with Multiple Regression
6/9/15   Guest author Allan Smith gets scientific about the screeners used in the March Midness tournament. He uses statistical analysis to determine which of the paramenters of growth, efficiency, finanical health, competitive strength, valuation, or volatility have the greatest effect on price.
Stock Rover: Best of the Web
The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) honored Stock Rover as Editors’ Choice for fundamental stock data in its Best of the Web series. They write “The wide range of information available makes Stock Rover hard to compete with, along with the extensive customization opportunities the site provides for its users—even those using the site for free.”