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Stock Rover Blog

November, 30th  2015 3 Ways to Screen for a GARP Stock
November 20th,  2015 Rover's Weekly Market Brief - 11/20/2015
November 20th,  2015 Calculating the Altman Z Score
November 13th,  2015 Rover's Weekly Market Brief - 11/13/2015
November 12th,  2015 Is Gilead Still an Attractive Long Term Proposition?
November 6th,  2015 Rover's Weekly Market Brief - 11/6/2015
November 5th,  2015 Clear Skies Ahead for Boeing
October 30th,  2015 The Fall of Bill Barrett Corporation
October 14th,  2015 Disney Poised to Rebound From August Sell-Off
September 8th,  2015 Announcing Markets and Stock Rover 6.1
August 28th,  2015 Long-Term Favorites In This Market
August 19th,  2015 At All-Time High, What's Next For Molina Health?
August 13th,  2015 Alaska Air Is America's Best Run Airline
August 13th,  2015 The Bear Case Against American Airlines
August 13th,  2015 Big Health Insurers Consolidate...Should You Buy?
August 4th,  2015 Novy-Marx Screener Criteria Analyzed with Multiple Regression
July 22nd,  2015 Any Room in Big Tech for a GARP Investor?
July 22nd,  2015 To Pick Stocks Or Not To Pick Stocks?
July 17th,  2015 Why the Many, Many Shorts Are Wrong About Cal-Maine Foods
July 16th,  2015 User Survey Debrief
July 13th,  2015 Beware Dunkin' Brands' Balance Sheet
July 9th,  2015 What To Do About The Anthem/Cigna Acquisition Saga
July 8th,  2015 Railroad Industry Pessimism Has Left Greenbrier Undervalued
July 7th,  2015 AmEx Is Overvalued, Here's Why
June 23th,  2015 Under Armour's Growth Is Great, But Already Priced Into The Stock
June 20th,  2015 What's The Deal With Toyota's New Share Class?
June 18th,  2015 Comcast: An Industry Leader Poised to Expand Its Advantage
June 16th,  2015 Aetna and Cigna: Get In Before Its Too Late
June 9th,  2015 Five Airline Stocks With Room To Grow
June 9th,  2015 Validating Screener Criteria with Multiple Regression
May 21st,  2015 TARO: Yes, We Have a Winner
April 17th,  2015 Introducing A Cleaner And More Intuitive UI for Stock Rover 6.0
April 1st,  2015 March Midness 2015 Round V: Valuation & Volatility
March 31st,  2015 Fantasy Portfolio: Choosing our Dividend Growers
March 27th,  2015 March Midness 2015 Round IV: Competitive Advantage
March 25th,  2015 March Midness 2015 Round III: Efficiency
March 20th,  2015 March Midness 2015 Round II: Financial Health
March 18th,  2015 March Midness 2015 Round I: Growth
March 16th,  2015 Fantasy Portfolio: Screening for Dividend Growers
March 16th,  2015 March Midness 2015! Introduction
March 13th,  2015 Professional Swimming and Investing...Not So Different After All
Feb 6,  2015 Fantasy Portfolio: Dividend Safety
Jan 23,  2015 Fantasy Portfolio: Dividend Growth vs. Dividend Yield
Jan 21,  2015 Stock Rover Premium Plan Options and Pricing to Change
Jan 13,  2015 Introduction to our Fantasy Portfolio
Dec 26,  2014 Intel: Dominant and Undervalued
Dec 23,  2014 Investing in Today's Market - Part 2
Dec 22,   2014 2014: The Year in Rover
Dec 18,  2014 Investing in Today's Market - Part 1
Nov 28,  2014 Yahoo!: Declining Business or Evolving Company?
Nov 20,  2014 Amazon: Out of Balance
Oct 30,  2014 Alibaba: Is the price justified?
Oct 8,  2014 The Piotroski High F-Score Screener
Oct 3,  2014 Is McDonald's the Burger for You?
Sep 23,  2014 Using Stock Rover to Choose Mutual Funds for Your 401K
Sep 12,  2014 Introducing the Phone App, Screener Equations, and More in V5
Aug 26,  2014 Can Microsoft Thrive In A Mobile World?
Jul 28,  2014 Gilead: Does it pass the trial as a long-term investment?
Jul 21,   2014 Priceline vs. Expedia: Who will take investors where they want to go?
Jul 11,  2014 Baidu vs. Google : The Search for the Best Investment
Jul 1,   2014 What's New in Stock Rover 4.4?
Jun 30,  2014 KORS vs. COH vs. KATE: The Battle of the Brands
Jun 18,  2014 eBay: Bargain or Bust?
May 21,   2014 What is Correlation and Why Does it Matter for your Portfolio?
May 8,  2014 2014 Investor Education Day Wrap-Up!
Mar 14,  2014 Portfolio Manager Upgrades and More in Stock Rover V4.2
Mar 11,  2014 The S. Foss Story - Learning to Invest with Stock Rover
Jan 24,  2014 Subscription Service Launched - Basic vs. Premium Membership
Jan 8,  2014 Adding Portfolio History in Stock Rover
Nov 12,  2013 Two Big New Additions in Stock Rover V4.0 - And Then Some!
Aug 12,  2013 Great New Features in Stock Rover V3.0
Jul 10,  2013 Intro to Investment Research Part 5 - Compare Competing Investments
Jul 3,  2013 Intro to Investment Research Part 4 - Compare Against Peers
Jun 27,  2013 Intro to Investment Research Part 3 - Researching a Company
Jun 20,  2013 Intro to Investment Research Part 2 - Finding a Stock to Research
Jun 18,  2013 A Preview of Our Subscription Service
Jun 13,  2013 Intro to Investment Research Part 1 - Getting a Feel for the Market
May 29,  2013 Dunkin' Brands and Starbucks: A Cup to Cup Comparison
May 8,  2013 Sell In May? Maybe A Little, But Rotate
May 1,   2013 Presenting Stock Rover 2.0
Apr 12,  2013 Resources for New Stock Rover Users
Apr 9,  2013 Top Notch Long-Term Dividend Growers
Apr 5,  2013 Views: See Only What You Want to See (and Nothing More)
Mar 18,  2013 Screening by Relative Strength
Mar 8,  2013 The Quality Dimension of Value Investing
Feb 19,  2013 Apple, Google, Microsoft - Only One Winner Here
Jan 24,  2013 Improvements in the Newest Release of Stock Rover
Jan 18,  2013 Google: History Repeating? Or The End Of An Established Pattern?
Dec 27,  2012 Panera or Chipotle: Where Should an Investor Dine?
Dec 17,  2012 My Favorite MLPs Based On The New Tax Rules
Dec 11,  2012 Stay Married To Your MLP - Divorce is Expensive
Dec 10,  2012 A Safer Way To Play Apple
Dec 5,  2012 So What Exactly Is Our Business Model?
Nov 16,  2012 Apple – Valuation Doesn't Matter – At Least for Now
Nov 5,  2012 Google – We got Act I Right, Now what about Act II?
Oct 22,   2012 New Release of Stock Rover
Aug 1,   2012 Expert stock picks - who is doing best YTD?
Jul 27,  2012 When Stock Research and BigMacs Collide
Jul 25,  2012 How systematically researching stocks won me free coffee
Jul 23,  2012 Crafting a Chaotic Stock Portfolio
Jul 19,  2012 Why You Should Buy Google In Advance Of Earnings
Jul 16,  2012 Who's the Top Dog at Stock Rover™?
Jul 6,  2012 Second Quarter 2012 Stock Picks Review - How did the experts do?