Portfolios for Free Users

We are pleased to announce that we have added full portfolio management capabilities to Stock Rover for our free users. Free users can now completely manage their portfolios within Stock Rover.

Stock Rover has always allowed free users to integrate their brokerage house portfolios with Stock Rover via our automated brokerage connection facility. We have now added the ability for free Stock Rover users to manually create, update, rename, copy and delete their portfolios. Portfolios can be created by either entering positions or by importing an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file.

The new portfolio management capabilities are available via the dashboard. By clicking on the hamburger in the blue dashboard header as highlighted below, the new enhanced Dashboard menu is displayed.

the dashboard menu

Here you can click on the New button to create a new Portfolio. Clicking on this button will present you with the Create Portfolio window.

the creating a portfolio

Portfolio management for your portfolios is performed by right clicking on an existing portfolio or by hovering on over the portfolio and clicking on the down arrow that appears on the hover. Either action will display a new menu, which is highlighted by the red arrow in the image below. The menu allows you to do a variety of operations on your existing portfolios, including updating your portfolio positions. This can be achieved by either manually editing your positions or by importing a new positions file from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. You can also rename, copy or delete any of your portfolios. Portfolios can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

portfolio management

With this added feature, free Stock Rover users will now have full management capabilities for their portfolios. Both the Dashboard and the Stock Rover charting facility can be used in Stock Rover to track portfolio performance. A sample of part of the dashboard display is shown below.

portfolio performance


Laura says:

This is great thanks! Can’t wait to try it!

R van de Grift says:

Love that thanks. I was just looking on the web for sites that allow multiple free manual portfolios and they were all lacking especially in benchmarking versus something like the S&P 500. Nice one Stockrover!!

Yefim Revutsky says:

There is a list with the Guru portfolio names, but how to see what is inside of this porfolio?
The contents of any Guru portfolio should be displayed after clicking the porfolio name.
Please, help with navigation to the asset allocation/stocks/ETF, etc. in each Guru porfolio.

Howard Reisman says:

You would need to go to the Library to see the contents of each portfolio.

Stock Rover Library

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