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We have added a new feature to the Insight Panel Financial Statements section that we think you are going to like. The Insight Panel Financial Statements section is used to view Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement data. To this we have added a fourth option called Summary, which takes key data from each of the three statements along with some additional important financial measures to give you a comprehensive view of a company’s performance over time in a very succinct presentation.

The image below shows an example of the new Summary statement for Boeing. The arrows and numbers shows the the selections necessary in Stock Rover to see the new Summary statement. Click on the image to see it in an expanded view.

the screener manager

The summary panel data can be viewed in either quarterly or yearly format.

Additional financial measures in the Summary display include the P/E ratio, working capital and net debt. There are also two new sections that contain detailed profitability and dividend data.

For the profitability data, we include the Operating Margin, Return on Assets, Return on Equity and Return on Invested Capital.

For the dividend data we include the dividends per share as well as the yield, dividend growth and dividend coverage.

To further aide in the analysis of a company’s performance we have added a new column to the Summary Display called CAGR for the Compound Annual Growth Rate, which is computed based on the first and last periods shown in the display. This shows the annualized growth rate of each metric over time. So for example you can easily compare the rate of revenue growth of a company compared to the rate net income growth or the rate of net income growth compared to free cash flow growth.

the screener manager

It is very illuminating to be able to see how this data changes over time for a company. In the image above, we can see that for Boeing, over the last 10 years, they have increased their revenue at a annual growth rate of 4.5%, yet increased their net income by 26%. Impressive. Free cash flow has increased however at only 1/2 the rate of net income. They have also managed to drive a CAGR divided increase over the last 10 years of 16.9%.

So be sure to check out the new summary panel. We think you will find it to be a real research timesaver and a powerful addition to Stock Rover’s formidable array of tools to help you make better investment decisions.

This new feature is available to all Stock Rover users.


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Outstanding added feature – one of many reasons why I’m a happy Stock Rover subscriber!

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