New Stock Rover Features - Part 5

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This is the fifth in a series of blog posts describing new features we have added to Stock Rover V7. In Part 1 we described the new dividend and comparative statement features. In Part 2 we described several brand new features including our new Metrics Browser and keyboard shortcuts. In Part 3 we highlighted a number of refinements and improvements that makes using Stock Rover a better experience. Lastly in Part 4 we highlighted the Dashboard.


In this post we will focus on Stock Rover Markets, which is a new feature in V7. Markets is our daily financial news site integrated into the Stock Rover platform. Markets provides real-time summaries, stats and news for U.S. and world markets. Key indices, stocks, ETFs, bonds and commodities are all covered in depth. Markets also provide wide-ranging market and company news from a variety of user configurable news sources. When I first log into Stock Rover, Markets is my second stop, after the dashboard, which is my first stop.

Markets has six separate sections; Market Summary, Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Commodities and Daily Analyst Ratings. It is easy to switch between the six sections. In the image shown below, the bolded section is the selected section and you can see that Market Summary is selected.

Each of the six sections always show the same header, shown in image above, which includes a summary and graph of the major indices, so that no matter where you are in Markets, you are seeing the current state of the market.

Market Summary

The Markets Summary section includes two panels that gives you information on the performance of twelve key indices, and next to it twelve sectors. The time frames can be selected and the columns are all sortable by clicking on them. These panels give you a great idea in a glance what is happening in various parts of the market.


Below the indices and sector information is a news scroll. One of the neat things about the news section is the configurable news feeds. Here you can select exactly which news sources you want to see. There are around 25 different feeds to choose from, ranging from CNN Money, Yahoo and the Wall Street Journal to Investing Ideas and Zacks. The screenshot below shows the news scroll with four selected sources. The ‘More Feeds’ button is highlighted to show where additional sources can be selected


The Stocks section of Markets focuses on the market movers (most active, gainers, losers) for the selected index (S&P 500, S&P 100, Dow 30 or Nasdaq 100). The time frame is also selectable. Next to the table of stocks is a chart showing the dividend adjusted price performance of the stock over a user selectable time period from one day to five years. Simply hover over a stock in the table to see it charted.

Clicking on any of the stocks in the table will send you to the Insight Panel, where a more thorough investigation of the stock can be performed.

Below the table is the Stock News section with configurable news feeds. The feeds for the Stock Section are independent of the feeds for the other sections so you can tailor the feeds you want to best supply the news for the section you are in.


The ETFs section of Markets focuses on key ETFs in the US and international markets. There is a dropdown menu where you can select whether to look at US, International or all ETFs. Similar to stocks, you can select ETF movers by most active, gainers or losers, along with the time frame. Next to the ETF table is a chart showing the dividend adjusted price performance of the ETF over a user selectable time period from one day to five years. Simply hover over a ETF in the table to see it charted.

Clicking on any of the ETFs in the table will send you to the Insight Panel, where a more thorough investigation of the ETF can be performed.


The Bonds section focuses on three key bond markets; US Treasuries, Municipals and Corporates. The Municipals and Corporates are represented by the key ETFs that services those markets as opposed to individual bonds. The bond sections works like the other sections, and with the old saying ‘that a picture is worth a thousand words’, the screenshot below will tell the bond story.

Similar to the other sections, there is a configurable bond news section on the bottom, shown in the screenshot below.


The Commodities section focuses on the major commodities, of which there are around twenty, including key ones like crude oil, natural gas, gold and silver as well as slightly lesser followed ones such as cocoa, coffee and live cattle. After the major commodities table and chart, a configurable commodity based news section follows. The screenshot below shows the layout of the commodities section.

Daily Analyst Ratings

The last of the six sections is the Daily Analyst Ratings. This section is different from the others. The data is supplied by Tip Ranks and shows new ratings by analysts in three separate sections, Daily Buy Ratings, Daily Hold Ratings and Daily Sell Ratings. Included in the data is the brokerage firm making the rating, the analyst name and their rating per Tip Ranks.


Markets is designed to keeps you in the know with a clean, succinct layout and comprehensive coverage of key components of the overall market. Once I got in the habit of checking Markets, I found the more I used it, the more I liked it. I hope you will take it out for a spin and see if it can become an indispensable part of your routine when staying abreast with the markets.

Next up, Part 6 of this series. Stay tuned for details.


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Thank you! Useful and easy to use format.

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