New Stock Rover Features - Part 2

October 7, 2018 Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

Two weeks ago, we described some cool new features we have added to Stock Rover in Part 1 of our new features blog series. In the second installment of the series we will cover some more new things added to Stock Rover, available to all users.

SEC Filings

In the Statements section of the Insight Panel, we have slipped in another cool feature, the SEC FIlings panel. This new feature is easy to find. You simply select the Insight Panel, the Statement tab and then the Filings Button as illustrated below.

You can get the annual (10K), quarterly (10Q) or other filings by selecting the appropriate radio button next to the Filings button. Clicking on a filing link in the table will open up a new browser tab with the actual filing. This makes it dead easy to extend your stock research to all the official government filings within Stock Rover. You can sort on the Filing Date and Filing Type columns to reorder the filings to your liking. If you would like to narrow the date range of the search, simply right click on the Filing Type column to bring up a menu to select the date range you are interested in.

The following image shows the types of filings you might see in the ‘Other’ category

Metrics Browser

Another great tool we added to Stock Rover is the Metrics Browser. This built in capability makes it easy to see all of the data that Stock Rover offers. You can easily find the metrics you are looking for, and if you want to, you can add them to the current view in the table. The Metrics Browser shows each metric, its parent folder, which plan level can access the metric and other important information such as type, description, sample data, etc. Mousing over the number in the Usages column when the number is non zero will bring up a tooltip that will show you which views in the table are using the metric.

The Metrics Browser comes with a built in search capability to make it easy to find metrics by the search term you are looking for. Search matches on both the metric name and the description. So for example if you enter the search ‘buy’, you would see all the metrics that have the word ‘buy’ in their name or description. The screenshot below show an example of this.

Another nice feature of the Metrics Browser is you can see which metrics are included with which plans. If you right click on a column, there will be a filter option which can be selected as seen in the example below. If a metrics says Essentials, that means it is available in the Essentials, Premium and Premium Plus plans. Similarly a metric that is Premium would be available in the Premium and Premium Plus plans, but not the Essentials plan.

To see all metrics available with the Premium plan for example, you would want to check both the Essentials and Premium boxes, but leave the Premium Plus box unchecked. To see which statistics you get in Premium above and beyond Essentials, you would check just the Premium box.

To learn more about the Metrics Browser, please check out our help pages.

Price Backdrop on EPS Tab

A relatively small, but we think useful improvement we made to the Insight Panel EPS tab is illustrated below. The EPS tab shows both in table and graphical form the Sales, Earnings Per Share and Cash Flow of a company over time on a quarterly basis. We added the price history backdrop to the graph to make it easier see how the financial performance of a stock correlates with its price performance over time.

The screenshot below show the EPS tab using Apple as our example. From the graph, it is easy to see that the price performance for Apple lagged behind the growth and improvement in its financial performance until recently. This graph can give a very quick indication whether a give stock is undervalued or overvalued relative to its underlying financial performance.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We have recently added some useful keyboard shortcuts to Stock Rover to make it fast and easy to do common tasks within the Stock Rover application. The keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

Alt-G Expand/Collapse Grey Selector Menu
Alt-N Expand/Collapse Navigation Panel
Alt-T Switch to Table
Alt-C Switch to Chart
Alt-I Switch to Insight
Alt-A Switch to All
Alt-R Resize Columns to Fit
Alt-D Detach the Window
Alt-S Export the Table
Alt-H Display Help

We have covered several more useful new features recently added to Stock Rover in this blog post. We hope you will take them out for a spin, and if you like them, incorporate them into your investment workflow. Stay tuned for Part III of this series.


Paul Whitney says:

The SEC Filings option is a really nice and fast way to get the reports that you’ve made available
I also think the Metric Browser is a great addition and have a question.
I notice that the custom metrics that I have created are listed.
Are custom metrics that users create only available to the creator are they also available to all users?

Howard Reisman says:

We are glad you like the new features.

To answer your question, custom metrics are available only to the creator.

WPerkins says:

In the new version of Stock Rover, where do I find the Ownership and Officers info:
1) Major Holders
2) Insider Transactions
3) Officers

Howard Reisman says:

These can be found in the Insight Panel – Summary tab. There you will see a section called research links. You can manage these links. The ones that you want are;

Morningstar Shareholders
Morningstar Insider Activity
Morningstar Executive Compensation

Once you are on the Morningstar pages, you may need to use their menu and scrolling to see what you want.

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