New Stock Rover Features - Part 3

October 16, 2018 Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

This is the third in a series of blog posts describing new features we have recently added to Stock Rover. In Part 1 we described new cool dividend and comparative statement features. In Part 2 we described several brand new features including our new Metrics Browser.

In this post we will cover a number of smaller features and improvements that will make working with Stock Rover a smoother and more refined experience.

Improved Real Time Pricing

During the day, we are now using the IEX Exchange data feed for improved real-time pricing. This means the prices you see in Stock Rover have minimal delay. The red arrow in the screenshot below highlights the IEX exchange real-time pricing attribution.

Charting Enhancements

We have made a number of refinements to the charting facility that we think you will like.

Bolded Chart Line

One minor but important refinement is the ability to bold a chart line by hovering over the ticker. This can be quite useful when you are comparing a lot of tickers and the lines run close together.

Volume Chart

We have added two options to the volume chart. The first is a moving average line and the second is coloring up and down days green and red respectively. You control the settings via the little hamburger in the upper right hand corner of the volume chart.

Alerts on Chart

We have added a new event to charts, which the ability to see any alerts you generated on the ticker(s) being charted as a chart event. You enable this by checking alerts in the event drop down menu as shown below. The resulting chart looks like this. If you mouse over the alert icon, a tooltip will be rendered that shows the alert details.

Technical Chart Improvements

Finally, if you are charting additional things like volume, RSI, MACD or other technicals, you can reorder the sections so the display is to your liking. You do this by clicking on the little hamburger and selecting move up or move down as illustrated in the screenshot below. You can also use the little hamburger to change settings on the secondary charts.

Fixing Brokerage Linked Accounts

Occasionally our brokerage integration provider Yodlee send us data where they don’t understand an asset in your portfolio, or they misclassify it, or they have the wrong buy price. You can now correct these errors in Stock Rover via our new Yodlee data fix up facility. If you are interested in this feature, you can read more about it in our help documentation.

New Ways to Manipulate Stock Rover Panels

We have added a couple of small refinements that makes window manipulation easier. When you are in Insight or Chart Mode, there are three icons available in the upper right hand corner of the window that you can use (see screenshot below). The leftmost icon (right triangle) will collapse the panel and open the other two. So if you are in the Insight Panel (shown below), clicking on that icon will close the Insight Panel and open the Table and the Chart. The icon in the middle (diagonal arrows pointing at each other) will open all three panels. Finally the right most icon if clicked will detach the Insight Panel or the Chart into a separate window. Note detaching can also be done with the ‘Alt D’ keyboard shortcut.

Virtual Portfolios

We have made it much easier to construct virtual portfolios with our new “Buy All Stock Equally” capability. You can create an equal allocation portfolio by selecting several tickers in the Table and right-clicking them. From there you select the ‘Trade in Portfolio’ menu item.

Once the ‘Trade in Portfolio’ menu item is selected, you will get an dialog where you can specify an amount that is applied to each selected ticker. The ‘New’ button should be selected to create a brand new portfolio.

Improved Equation Editor

For those of you who have struggled with our equation editor when creating custom metrics or creating custom filters in the screener, we have good news. We have released a much better version of the equation editor which is more intuitive and easier to use. And it even has undo and redo buttons! Below is a screenshot of the editor. Read more about using the editor in our help documentation.

Downloadable Alerts History

For those of you who are users of our Alerts facility, we have added the ability to download your alerts history into a .cvs file. See the screenshot below for the placement of the new ‘Export’ button.

Premium Trial Change Plan Option

We have added the ability to allow Premium Trial users to change freely between each of the three premium plans we offer so you can experience each plan during the trial. This will help you select the plan that best meets your needs. By default you start with the Premium Plus plan, which is the most capable of the three plans. However if you want to trial either the Essentials plan or the Premium plan, you can do so. You can switch between the various plans as many times as you like during the trial period.

If you are currently running a trial, you can go to the dropdown menu with your account name found in the top right-hand corner of the Stock Rover screen and select Change Trial then choose the plan you want to trial.

We hope you find these improvement to Stock Rover useful and beneficial. We are continuing to refine and add features and capabilities to the product. Stay tuned for Part 4 of this series.


Bill Dickinson says:

Love it all. So great to find a developer that is on top of their product.

Cpyles says:

Thanks Howard for all the continuous improvements!

One charting frustration that I wish would get addressed is that all % change charts (e.g., when comparing securities) should start at the “0%”.

Virtually every advanced charting package I’ve every used (including Bloomberg) follows this norm. For some reason on SR, it’s hit or miss.

Otherwise, very much enjoy your offering

Howard Reisman says:

Thank you for the feedback. We will look into the 0% issue when charting.

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