More Great Tools and Tricks in V7

In our last few posts we’ve been showing off the cool new capabilities in Stock Rover’s V7*, which is in its final stage of beta. Today we’ll highlight more good stuff that is brand new in V7.

*If you haven’t logged into V7 yet, do so by selecting ‘Try V7 Beta’ from your account dropdown menu in Stock Rover.

Drag and Drop

Ever wanted to drag tickers from the Table to the Chart? Or move rows around in the Table so you could see certain stocks side by side? Or quickly slide a column to a new spot? Well, now you can! Drag-and-drop is supported in V7.

To drag a row in the Table, click on its ticker or name cell (leftmost column) and hold down the mouse to drag-and-drop the row into a different position.

When you’re in the ‘All’ layout, you can chart a ticker simply by dragging it from the Table into the Chart.

Introducing brand new drag-and-drop functionality

You can also drag a ticker from the Table into a watchlist or portfolio in the Navigation tree (make sure the Watchlist and/or Portfolio folders are expanded). If you drag a ticker into a portfolio, you’ll be prompted to enter a quantity, with options to modify the buy price and date.

You can also drag and drop columns in the Table. Just click and hold a column header to move that column to a new spot.

Financial Statements by %

There is a new toggle setting that allows you to view financial statements in terms of percentage or dollars (previously you could only see them in dollars). This makes it super-quick to see, for example, what percentage of revenue was gross profit, and if that number is going up, down, or remaining steady over time.

To find financial statements, go to the Statements tab in the Insight layout (select ‘Insight’ from the charcoal-colored menu at the left of the screen). Then find the ‘$’ and ‘%’ buttons here:

Toggle between dollars or percentage for a financial statement

The percentage setting makes it incredibly easy to see the financial statement in relative terms, rather than absolute dollar terms. Try it out!

Export Financial Statements (Premium)

Want to use financial statement data offline? Premium users can now export statements to a CSV file using the ‘Export’ button.

Export financial statements (Insight > Financial Statement > Export)

Historical Data for Table Columns

Did you know that you can see historical values for most of the data in the Table? Get perspective on how a company is performing by viewing its historical performance in various metrics. Premium users see 10 years of history, while Basic users see 5 years.

To access this history, open a ticker’s dropdown menu in the Table and select ‘Historical Data’:

Historical Data can be found via a ticker’s dropdown menu

This will open up a table where you can see historical values on a yearly, quarterly, or trailing twelve months (TTM) basis. You’ll see historical data for the applicable columns in the current Table view.

An example of a Historical Data table; options and settings are in the top bar

You can even swap the rows and columns and export or print the historical data table. The table can also be popped out of Stock Rover (see section on detachable windows) so you can reference it while navigating in other parts of Stock Rover.

Auto-Resize Columns

Here’s a simple update that is pretty darn great. Use the new ‘Resize columns to fit’ button in the Table to automatically fit all of your columns into one window, with no scrolling! This is especially useful when you have just a few columns that get edged out of view.

Click here to see all of your columns, no scrolling needed!

The auto-resize function only applies to the current view. You can’t undo this action, but you can manually resize any column simply by dragging the edges of its header.

Detachable Windows (Premium)

For those of you with large monitors or multi-screen setups, you will love our detachable panel feature. This allows you to break off certain parts of Stock Rover to open in a new browser window, allowing you to have multiple panels of data open at once.

While the detach feature isn’t new—the Chart and Table panels have been detachable for years—it’s now possible with several more windows, including:


  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Historical Data Table
  • Earnings Calendar
  • Alerts
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Correlation

Just look for this button in the top righthand corner of any of those panels:

You can then keep that window open while navigating freely throughout the rest of Stock Rover. Close the window at any point to nest it back into the main Stock Rover screen.

Save the Chart as an Image

Want to include a Stock Rover chart in a blog post or presentation? Screenshot no more! You can now save your chart as an image. It’s a snap (pun intended) to do:

Save the chart as an image using the above button (in smaller charts, this button may be collapsed into a menu bar)

This will create a png image file of the chart (with the current proportions) that will download to your computer. The image is watermarked, so you’ll automatically have the correct attribution. Use freely!

Color Columns (Premium)

Now in V7: the ability to color columns in the Table. This feature can assist in organizing data in the Table so its easier to see and analyze.

Add color to the Table to keep data organized and easy to analyze

To color a column, simply go to the drop down menu for the column header, and select ‘Color’ from the menu.

Select a color in a column’s dropdown menu

Psst, by the way, you can also color rows.

Search for It

Last but definitely not least, the searchbox (top lefthand corner) can now search across categories—not only stocks, ETFs, and funds, but also metrics, portfolios, Stock Rover functions and more. It’s a handy way to locate a ticker in a portfolio or watchlist, jump to particular data in the Table, or shortcut to a particular action, like updating a screener.

Search of anything

For example, in the above image, if you wanted to jump to one of the Table views that has the Cash Per Share metric in it, just click on that row in the search results. The view will then open in the Table.

The searchbox is also a shortcut to certain actions. For example, here’s what happens when you search for the term ‘Update’:

Use terms like ‘Update’ ‘Add’ and ‘Manage’ to shortcut to specific actions

As you can see in the image, searching for ‘update’ or other similar terms like ‘add,’ ‘manage,’ ‘enter,’ will bring up a list of Stock Rover actions. Clicking on one of the results will jump straight to the relevant action. Try it out to see how easy it is to get straight to what you need.

That’s All (for Today), Folks!

Stock Rover V7 is packed with functionality, data, and handy shortcuts. We’ll continue to showcase its offerings on our blog, and we hope you enjoy getting to know the new Stock Rover!