New Additions to the Library

Library Updates

We have performed a spring cleaning on our Library, getting rid of some old obsolete stuff and adding some cool new items that we think you will find to be helpful with your investment research. Specifically we have added some new and interesting Screeners, Portfolios, Watchlists and Views.

To keep the blog to a digestible size, I will cover the new Screeners and Portfolios in this post and the new Watchlists and Views in a subsequent post.

Importing any (or all) of the new items in the Stock Rover Library is very straightforward. Follow this help link if you are unfamiliar with the library import process. The screenshot below shows what the Library import process looks like. The red boxes highlight the key selections.

Library Import New Screeners

To see a list of everything in the Stock Rover Library, click here.

Four New Screeners

Let’s begin by seeing what’s new in the screening world, where we have added four new screeners to the library. The first three make liberal use of our new fair value and margin of safety computations for each stock. The fourth one performs screening based on Morningstar’s opinions of stocks. It returns the stocks they grade the best in their universe. A description of each new screener follows;


The Scores screener finds stocks whose scores for Value, Growth, Quality and Sentiment land in the top 20%. Passing stocks will also require a Piotroski F score of at least 6 and an Altman Z-Score of at least 3.00. The search universe is from over 4,000 US listed stocks with a market cap of 250M and above.

Fair Value

The Fair Value screener finds the 50 stocks that have the greatest margin of safety based on their computed fair value relative to their price. The screener selects from over 2,000 companies on the U.S. Exchanges that have a market cap of at least one billion dollars. Like all our screeners, if you import it, you can also alter it. For example you may want include lower cap stocks and/or additional exchanges, such as the Canadian exchanges.

Strong Buys

The Strong Buys screener ranks the top 50 stocks with a high margin of safety that are also in favor with the market as shown by a sentiment score in the top quartile, and a recent buy sign from the MACD technical indicator. The universe of stocks are the 4,000+ stocks that trade on the US exchanges with a market cap that exceeds 250M.

Morningstar Grades

This screener finds stocks that are graded A by Morningstar in Financial Heath and in Profitability and have an A or B grade for Growth.

Four New Portfolios

I have created four new model portfolios relying on Stock Rover to find good investment candidates for each portfolio based on its objective. Each of the portfolios were created by using appropriate Stock Rover screeners that filter for a set of stocks commensurate with the portfolio’s objective. Then from within this passing group, I sub selected the final portfolio stocks by favoring the stocks with the highest margins of safety. Each of the four portfolios has a different investment goal.

Library Import New Portfolios

Please note the contents of these portfolios do not constitute a recommendation to buy. Rather they are a set of interesting investment candidates that should be considered as a starting point in your own investment research process.

Howard Reisman Dividend Grower Portfolio

This is a portfolio consisting of dividend orientated mid and large cap stocks. The stocks are characterized by reasonable yield (not too high), good dividend growth, good earnings growth and low payout ratios. Within the qualifying stocks, the stocks with the largest margin of safety relative to fair value were included in the final portfolio.

Howard Reisman High Growth Portfolio

This is a portfolio of high growth mid and large cap stocks based on sales, operating income and EPS growth over the last 5 years. Within the qualifying stocks, the stocks with the largest margin of safety relative to fair value were included in the final portfolio.

Howard Reisman Value Portfolio

This is a portfolio of value orientated mid and large cap stocks based on low Price to Earnings, Price to Book and Price to Sales ratios. There is also consideration for sales and EPS growth. Within the qualifying stocks, the stocks with the largest margin of safety relative to fair value were included in the final portfolio.

Howard Reisman MLP Portfolio

This is a portfolio of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) that generally pay high distributions and exhibit some distribution growth and have good distribution coverage.


So there are some interesting new additions to our library. The beauty of it, is like your local library, the stuff is there and available to check out whenever you want it. But unlike a local library, checkout is available 24 x 7, any item catalogued is always available, and you never have to return it.

We encourage you to peruse the Stock Rover Library and go ahead and check out anything that suits your fancy.