New Library Additions - Part 2

Library Updates

This is the second of two posts on some new and exciting additions to the Stock Rover library. The first post covered the new Screeners and Portfolios we added. This post will cover the new Watchlists and Views.

Importing any (or all) of the new items in the Stock Rover Library is very straightforward. Follow this help link if you are unfamiliar with the library import process. The screenshot below shows what the Library import process looks like. The red boxes highlight the key selections.

Library Import New Watchlists

To see a list of everything in the Stock Rover Library, click here.

Ten New Watchlists

Let’s begin by seeing what’s new in the watchlist world. We have done quite a bit of updating of our watchlists. Watchlists are great for keeping track of stuff you are interested in. They are easy to set up, alter and view and make ideal containers for your candidate investments. If something from a watchlist is purchased, it would then be added to a portfolio where the purchase date, cost and share counts are also tracked.

There are 10 new and updated watchlists that we have posted to the library that we think you may find useful. The first 8 are stock watchlists and the last 2 are ETF watchlists. They are as follows;

Dogs of The Dow

We have created a new Dogs of the Dow watchlist, which consists of the ten highest yielding dividend stocks in the Dow Jones 30 as of June 12th, 2019.

Novy-Marx Quality

For Novy-Marx fans, we have added a watchlist of stocks that were selected with the Novy-Marx Quality screener. The Novy-Marx approach is to look for quality stocks as measured by gross profits over total assets, momentum as measured by 1 year price change and value as measured by low price to book ratios. This screener also filters out stocks with very low market caps and trading volumes. The watchlist contains the top 50 stocks returned when it was run on June 12th, 2019.

Top 20 S&P 500 Revenue Growers

For growth investors, we have created a watchlist of the 20 fastest growing S&P 500 companies by revenue growth, looking at a weighted average of the growth rates in a variety of periods, ranging from 1 year through the 10 years.

Top 20 S&P 500 Dividend Growers

For dividend growth fans, we have created a watchlist of the top twenty S&P 500 stocks for dividend growth by measuring dividend growth over a 10 year period.

5G Networks

For investors interested in the companies that will benefit the most from the coming massive rollout of 5G mobile network technology, we have compiled a list of many of the key 5G players.


As the legal status of cannabis improves, so should the demand. We have compiled a watchlist of companies that will likely benefit from the expected increase in cannabis demand.

Fifteen Large REITs

For REIT investors, we have created a watchlist of 15 of the largest REITs by market cap.

The Big Twenty of MLPs

For Master Limited Partner (MLP) investors, we have created a watchlist of 20 of the largest MLPs by market cap.

Top 25 ETFs by Market Cap

For ETF investors, we have compiled two handy lists of the most popular ETFs. The first is the top 25 ETFs by Market Cap as of June 12th, 2019.

Top 25 ETFs by Volume

For liquidity fans, we have also added a watchlist of the top 25 ETFs by average 3 month volume.

Four New Table Views

We have added a lot of new metrics to Stock Rover lately. And to make those metrics accessible and easy to use, we have created three new table views that highlight some of the new information Stock Rover provides. The new views makes it very easy to compare companies across a range of higher level analytics.

Library Import New Views

The four new views we added are;

Fair Value

This view highlights our new metrics that show fair value and margin of safety along with a number of supporting metrics such as forward EBITDA growth and terminal growth rate as well as cost of debt, cost of equity and weighted average cost of capital.


This view highlights our new Value, Growth, Quality and Sentiment scores along with their sector deciles. And for good measure we throw in the Piotroski F score, the Altman Z-Score and the Beneish M score.

Stock Rover Ratings

This view contains the Stock Rover Ratings scores, which compare stocks to their peers across a variety of key dimensions including Growth, Valuation, Efficiency, Financial Strength, Dividends and Momentum. The view also provides an overall score based on the contribution of each of the component scores.

Dividend Calendar

This view provides information about dividend payments dates, frequency, yield, coverage and future growth. If this view is paired with a portfolio, then total dividends and yield on cost are also displayed.


So this concludes the second post on the interesting new additions to our library. Checkout is available 24 x 7, any item catalogued is always available, and you never have to return it. So we encourage you to peruse the Stock Rover Library and go ahead and check out anything that suits your fancy.


Dickart says:

Love Stock Rover. Huge steps in the right direction (blending fundamentals with technicals).

Aaron K says:

These are great additions to the Stock Rover library. One quick question though: where is the data coming from on the fair value calculations? Thanks!

Howard Reisman says:

Thank you for the positive feedback. The source data used in the fair value calculations comes from Morningstar.

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