2nd Quarter 2012 Stock Picks Review - How did the experts do?

We’ve been tracking 5 watchlists of stock picks from experts over the course of the year. After the first quarter, Sabrient Systems was the leader with a 23% gain. Now six months into the year, they still have the lead of the 5 industry experts with an almost 18% return compared to the market’s 9% gain. Here’s how the 5 expert watchlists look charted:

Chart of 5 Watchlists

And by flattening the S&P 500 (by clicking on the small graph icon next to S&P 500 in the chart’s legend), we can easily visually compare exactly how these experts performed relative to the market:

Same Chart with S&P 500 as Baseline

Not much to say about the above chart, other than it’s clear that Sabrient Systems Bakers Dozen is the only watchlist performing better than the market. Clicking on the watchlist in Stock Rover gives the following Table, which shows the tickers that make up this watchlist. Nice job Sabrient!

Table showing constituency of Sabrient Systems Bakers Dozen