Score Your Portfolio (or Watchlist)

Last week we told you about a couple of handy new features in Stock Rover’s V7. This week we’re highlighting another new capability: Portfolio and Watchlist Scoring.

Note that Scoring is a Premium-only feature. Not yet a member? Try Premium for free today to gain access to this and a ton of other super-cool features and perks. No payment information is needed for the free trial.

So what does it mean to “score” a portfolio or watchlist? Basically, it means you can see how stocks in your portfolio or watchlist perform against the full set of filters from any screener. It’s a super-quick way to compare your stocks to a set of established criteria. Here’s how to do it.

First, log into V7 (if you haven’t done so already) by selecting ‘Try V7 Beta’ from your account dropdown menu (top righthand corner of the Stock Rover screen).

From V7’s charcoal-colored menu on the left, select ‘Screeners.’ Your list of screeners will then load in the Navigation panel.


Select ‘Screeners’ on the left to view them in the Navigation panel

Next, pick any screener that you want to use to score a portfolio or watchlist. For example, you could use a value-oriented screener to help determine whether or not your holdings are good values (time to buy more?), or you could use a growth screener to see which of your picks are growth stocks—and to what degree.

For the demo, let’s run the Warren Buffett Top 25 portfolio through the Buffettology Inspired screener (both available in the Library). To do this, we right-click our scoring screener in the Navigation panel and hover over ‘Score Portfolio’ as shown here:


Find ‘Score Portfolio’ in a screener’s drop-down menu, then select a portfolio to score

Click on the portfolio you wish to score from the list, and the results will instantly load in the Table. You’ll see the contents of the portfolio, in whatever Table view you last had open, with a new column called Score.

So, how do Warren Buffett’s holdings do against a screener based on his investing theories?


The results of Warren Buffett Top 25 Portfolio scored by the Buffettology screener, at the time of writing

Not bad! The majority of the stocks in the Top 25 have a score above 70%, and several have 100% (meaning they pass the screener outright). As you can see in the image above, we’ve sorted the results by score. You can do this simply by clicking on the Score column header.

There’s even more detail to be found by hovering over the cells in the Score column. This opens a tooltip showing a breakdown of exactly how the stock does against all the filters in the screener. Here’s an example (with filters from a slightly less complex GARP screener):


Hover over a cell in the Score column for full detail about how the stock performs against the screener criteria

As you can see in the image, the tooltip lists the screener’s criteria, how exactly the stock does in those categories, and whether it results in a pass or fail of that particular filter. So, for example, when looking at the above tooltip for a stock in your portfolio, you may find that it just narrowly misses some of the screener criteria, or you may find that it’s a big miss. Either way, it’s useful information.

And that is how you score a portfolio! You can run this exact same process on a watchlist as well. To dismiss the scoring column, click ‘Deactivate’ from the Table’s header line.

What we love about this feature is that it allows you to instantly call up criteria you’ve deemed relevant (because you use it to help you screen for stocks) and see how that criteria sticks to stocks you already follow. We think it’s a super-quick and useful tool to assist in buy/sell/hold decisionmaking process, and we hope you think so too.

May the scores be with you!