14-Day Free Trial of Stock Rover Premium

Every user is granted one 14-day Premium free trial. The trial is activated automatically when you first sign up for Stock Rover.

The premium trial is free, does not require a credit card and carries no obligation whatsoever.

After 14 days, if you decide not to sign up for one of the Stock Rover Premium Plans, your account will automatically revert to a free Stock Rover account.

Why try Premium?

Stock Rover Premium arms you with an array of powerful tools, deeper data, and insights to help you become your best investor. Here are some highlights:

  • Powerful Comparison – Compare stocks and ETFs in many different dimensions with our dynamic table
  • Advanced Screening – Try ranked screening, screening with equations, and screening on historical data
  • Stock Ratings Facility – Try our stock ratings facility to see how your favorite stocks grade out and compare to peers
  • Stock Rover Research Reports – Get a comprehensive research analysis on over 7000+ stocks in printable PDF format
  • Investor Warnings – Become aware of a myriad of key issues that are difficult to notice but are essential to be aware of
  • Portfolio Analysis – Get critical, in-depth analytics for your investments over time, including risk-adjusted return and correlation
  • Future Income – Get a detailed projection of your future dividend income stream for your portfolios
  • Trade Planning and Portfolio Rebalancing – Two tools to help you reallocate your portfolio and test specific trading ideas
  • Fundamentals Charting – Chart from 100+ fundamentals and create “metric packages” to chart multiple metrics together
  • Notes – Stay organized by adding a searchable commentary to your investment process
  • Detachable Panels – Undock the Chart and Insight panels for multi-monitor set-ups
  • Alerts – Get notified immediately when a stock you are following does something of interest
  • And more – See the full list here*

We’re also here to help! Personalized email support is fully available during your trial. Please be in touch with any questions by emailing support@stockrover.com or by using the ‘Contact Us’ option from the account drop menu in the upper right hand corner of the Stock Rover app.

We hope you enjoy your Premium trial!

*Due to licensing restrictions, the ability to export the Table to a CSV file is unavailable to Premium trial users. Also the trial is limited to 20 Research Reports plus the Dow 30. Finally there is a limit of 5 Stock Ratings Reports during the trial.