New Videos for Stock Rover V8

October 17, 2021 Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

We have recently added four new videos that demonstrate some of the new features and capabilities in the recently released V8 version of Stock Rover.

Introduction to Stock Rover

If you would like to get a tour of Stock Rover V8, you should start with our brand new Stock Rover Introduction Video. It gives a great overview of the V8 release. The introduction video is approximately 13 minutes long.

There is also a transcript of the audio for this video that can be found here.

Tour of the Charting Facility

We have made a number of major enhancements to our charting facility over the last several months. This new 12 minute video gives you an A to Z tour of the charting facility. After watching it, you will be able to comfortably use all of Stock Rover’s powerful charting capabilities to help you visualize key trends in pricing, fundamental and technical data.

There is also a transcript of the audio for this video that can be found here.


With V8, we’ve added a great new feature to Stock Rover that is a real time saver. It is called Bookmarks, and it is remarkably simple to use. Bookmarks allow you to quickly customize the Grey Selector menu with the parts of Stock Rover that you use most often and want to quickly access.

Stock Rover’s Top 5 Features

This new video showcases five key features of Stock Rover. The features highlighted are:

  • The Table – compares investment opportunities with a flexible spreadsheet
  • Screeners – filter through stocks and ETFs according to your investment criteria
  • Portfolios – perform portfolio analytics for a single portfolio or across multiple portfolios
  • Insights and Research Reports – take a deep dive into your equities
  • Charting – see the whole suite of charting options

There is also a transcript of the audio for this video that can be found here.


Sam Mudaro says:

Your software is great for what it covers. The only subject the restrains me from purchasing the full version is a lack of the ability to back test of the selected results from the scanner, I hope your staff of programmers are working on developing a great version of back testing. I suggest they take a look and free trial of “MarketInOut” Stock Screener to get a good idea of what a stock back tester should look like.

I am totally willing to help you improve upon their product to make it even better.

Howard Reisman says:

Thank you for the feedback. It is much appreciated and has been forwarded to the development team.

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