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Over the past several months we have added a number of new features and refinements to Stock Rover. This blog post will cover the improvements we have made to Stock Rover since we introduced the Investors Warning facility in July.

New Metrics

What would Stock Rover be without all its metrics? We are constantly looking for ways to add useful data to the product that can be of benefit to you in your investment research activities. With that in mind, we have added the following metrics in Stock Rover. You can add any of these metrics to your Views and you can use them in your Screeners.

Metric Description
Consecutive Dividend Growth Years* The number of years in a row that the dividend per share has increased. Note this statistic has also been added to the dividends section of the Insight Panel.
Days Until Next Earnings Report* The number of calendar days until the next scheduled earnings announcement.
Dividend Coverage Ratio Calculated by dividing the stock’s annual earnings per share by the annual dividend. It’s the inverse of Payout Ratio.
Dividend Frequency The number of times per year a dividend will be paid.
Next Dividend Payment Per Share The dollar amount of the next dividend payment.
Net Debt Total Debt minus Cash.
Treasury Stock The portion of shares that a company keeps in their own treasury. Treasury stock may have come from a repurchase or buyback from shareholders or it may have never been issued to the public in the first place. These shares don’t pay dividends, have no voting rights, and are not included in shares outstanding calculations.
Working Capital The difference between Current Assets and Current Liabilities. This is the capital used in day-to-day operations.

* Premium Plus

Stock Ratings

The Stock Ratings Facility is a powerful feature we added to Stock Rover at the end of 2018. It provides investors with comprehensive peer based rankings on companies based on past performance and projected future performance in a variety of different areas. The areas evaluated are Growth, Valuation, Operating Efficiency, Financial Strength, Dividends and Momentum.

The majority of the improvements are under the hood, as we have improved the ranking algorithms based on the experience we have generated since we introduced the facility. Specifically we have improved the overall algorithms to better handle cyclical companies that have oscillating metrics and also have tweaked the algorithms to give a higher weight to more recent performance.

We have also refined and improved the UI in subtle ways. For example in the Valuation rating, we have added a GARP percentile and sorted the peers valuation table by score so it is easy to see the best companies that are peers of the company you are researching, as shown in the screenshot below.

Stock Ratings - Valuation

New Layouts Selector

We have changed the grey selector menu a bit to provide for more intuitive behavior in the table. Navigation and Layouts are grouped together as shown below.

Navigation Layout

The Navigation portion of the grey selector menu selects “what” you will see. That is the data set that is loaded into the main windows of Stock Rover. The tickers can come from your quotes list, any of the indices, your portfolios, your watchlists or by running one of your screeners.

The Layouts section selects “how” you will see it. Whether in Table form, Chart form, Insight Panel form or with all three windows showing together.

This design allows you to change the data set, while leaving the layout the same, or conversely change the layout, while leaving the data set unchanged. It makes for fast and easy investment research.

Note that the Navigation section in the grey selector menu is just a shortcut for selecting something from the Navigation panel itself as shown below.

Navigation Panel

New Equity Filters

You can now filter on equity type in the table and in screeners. The screenshot below shows filtering by equity type in the table.

Equity Filter

You can also filter by excluding particular memberships (e.g. exclude S&P 500). The following screenshot shows the Exclude capability for a screener. In this example stocks in the Nasdaq 100 and the S&P 100 will be excluded.

Excluding by Membership

New Equation Editor

For those of you who like to create custom criteria for filtering in your screeners and/or create custom metrics for your views in the table, we have good news. We have totally revamped the Equation Editor to make it much simpler and easier to use. It is a major improvement over the older equation editor.

Equation Editor

To learn more about the new Equation Editor, simply fire it up and click on the Help button in the Equation Screener window. You can also reference the help pages on the Equation Editor below.

Equations for Screeners

Equations for Custom Metrics

New View Reorder Option

If you want to change the order of the views in your table, you can do it by dragging and dropping the view tabs one at a time. You can also use our new View Reorder window which can make wholesale changes in the view order more efficiently.

First you select Reorder Views from the Views menu as shown below.

Reorder Views Menu Item

Then you can select one or more views and reorder them by moving them up or down in the Reorder Views window.

Reorder Views

Improved Date Controls

We have added a new and improved date control to Stock Rover as you can see in the screenshot below. Note the easy ability to select dates, as well the ability to select common preset periods within the control.

Date Controls

Table Visual Enhancement

Last and probably least, we made a small change to make it easier to see what View is selected in the Table. The selected View is now underlined to make it stand out more. In the screenshot below, you can see that the Financial Health view is selected and it has a light blue underline in addition to a lighter color background.

Table View Highlight


So that will cover this round of improvements to Stock Rover. I hope you find them useful in helping you become more productive with Stock Rover.

We are working hard to continually improve Stock Rover to make it the best possible product for your investment needs. We make changes incrementally to the product, rather than in one giant release so we can get the changes to you faster. Periodically we will blog about the changes we have made since the last blog so you can be aware of what is new and available to you in the product. Stay tuned to this channel for future updates!


TLW says:

Lots of good stuff. Love the revamp of the equation editor. The additional dividend metrics are also a plus I hoped you would add.

Rich O. says:

There are some valuable assets in the current view. However, there are sections that many other companies that have similar apps which I find are of little to no value or leave us all wanting more.

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