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I am pleased to announce that Research Reports has exited beta is now available to the investment community as an independent product with very affordable pricing. If you are unfamiliar with Research Reports, you can learn more about this remarkable product here. To see the various ways to run Research Reports within Stock Rover, please consult our help pages.

Research Reports can be bundled with any Stock Rover subscription, from Premium Plus to Free. The pricing structure varies, depending on which Stock Rover plan you have subscribed to.

First and foremost, at Stock Rover we are committed to our loyal customers. Therefore we are offering very attractive introductory offers that are available through July 31st, 2020.

The rest of the blog post describes the introductory offers available and the post introductory pricing for each of the Stock Rover subscription plans.

Premium Plus Subscribers

We will be offering grandfathered pricing to all our current Premium Plus subscribers. This means that if you currently have any Premium Plus subscription, including Monthly, Research Reports will be free for life.

This remarkable offer also extends to anyone that becomes a Premium Plus member by July 31st, 2020. If you are thinking about Premium Plus, there will never be a better time than now to begin your Premium Plus subscription.

After July 31st, Research Reports will be available as an add on for $49.99 per year for Premium Plus yearly and two year subscribers, and $99.99 a year for Premium Plus monthly subscribers.

Premium and Essentials Subscribers

For our Premium and Essentials subscribers, we are offering introductory pricing for Research Reports that is lower than the full Research Reports rate for life. During the introductory period thru July 31st 2020, existing Premium and Essentials subscribers can get Research Reports for only $39.99 per year for life. This offer also extends to anyone that becomes a Premium or Essentials member by July 31st, 2020.

After July 31st, Research Reports will be available as an add on for $49.99 per year for any yearly and two year plan, and $99.99 a year for any monthly plan.

If if you are a Premium or Essentials users and are considering an upgrade to Premium Plus, there will never be a better time, since the upgrade will include the Research Reports free for life offer. To request an upgrade, simply email our support group.

Free Users

For our Free users that are interested in Research Reports, we are offering an introductory pricing plan through July 31st, 2020 that is only $59.99 the first year and $79.99 per year for subsequent years for life.

When the introductory period ends after July 31st, Research Reports will be available for $99.99 per year.

Trial Users

All Stock Rover Premium trial users will be able to generate Research Reports for 20 distinct tickers, plus the 30 tickers of the Dow 30 during the trial period.


We hope you take advantage of these great offers before August 1st. There will never be a better time to subscribe to Stock Rover and lock in lower rates for life.

The following table concisely illustrates all of the pricing options available.

Research Report Pricing Table

Note: the only requirement for all the for life plans mentioned above is that you continuously maintain your Stock Rover subscription.

If you have any questions on our plans and our pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Howard Reisman
Stock Rover CEO and Co-Founder


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