The S. Foss Story - Learning to Invest with Stock Rover

March 11, 2014 Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

“I’m light years ahead of where I was a few short weeks ago.”

You don’t have to be an expert investor to use Stock Rover. In fact, we welcome users who are new to the sport, as Stock Rover is an excellent resource for learning more about how to find and research potential investments.

Here is the story of one Stock Rover user, S. Foss, who described himself as “brand new to investing” when he signed up for a Stock Rover account. In his own words, he explains how he came to our site and how it has helped him gain confidence as an investor.

What Brought Me to Stock Rover

I joined up with Stock Rover to research stocks for my IRA. I found Stock Rover indirectly through the Motley Fool website. I saw it mentioned on one of the boards there several times so I decided to visit the site and was very happy I did. I was looking for a “one-stop” location where I could not only systematically compare and analyze different stocks but, more importantly learn about what I should compare and why.

Once I saw the short video demonstration on the quant screens I knew this was exactly what I was looking for and immediately signed up for a one year premium membership, money well-invested in my opinion. I’m not extremely savvy with computers but I have found the Stock Rover site to be very intuitive and straightforward so I haven’t had any trouble making sense of many of the features and using them. It has helped get me to a point where I feel comfortable enough in my knowledge to begin investing in stocks.

How I’ve Used Stock Rover to Learn More About Investing

At present I am on the Stock Rover site a couple hours a day just getting familiar with all the tools and options as well as researching stocks. I’ve also attended a few webinars, which have been extremely helpful in getting me up to speed on using the site as effectively and efficiently as possible. The information option on every metric has also been a huge help in my learning process.

There are two main features that I learned in the Hidden Features webinar that have helped me be exponentially more efficient in screening for potential stocks to research. The first was the grouping functionas it pertains to my watch lists. I am at the stage of getting a list together of stocks I want to invest in and I’m trying to get my portfolio balanced correctly. After I had drawn up my initial list I found it was way out of balance as far as sector allocations. Once I grouped my potential stocks watch list together it made it much easier to sort through.

The second technique I learned was how to easily apply my screeners to particular tables. This was extremely helpful and complementary to my portfolio balancing as I can now just pull up a particular sector, apply any screens I like and draw from the results to add to my potential stocks. I now have a good selection of potentially quality stocks (in my opinion and backed by my screens) in all the sectors. I am now at the stage of analyzing all the potential candidates and picking the best stocks from each sector and balancing the portfolio accordingly.

This may be very rudimentary stuff for a knowledgable investor but it is light years ahead of where I was a few short weeks ago. I am meeting with my broker next Friday to put money down on my first installment of stocks and I will do it with the confidence and peace of mind knowing that, good or bad, I at least made my decisions based on sound, intelligent reasoning.


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