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Get these classic and original screeners in our Library (instructions here). You can keep them as is or modify them to your liking!

*Screeners denoted with an asterisk include Premium metrics or features.

Screeners Based on Classic Investing Strategies

Magic Formula Screener*

A value screener based on the Magic Formula Investing principles laid out in Joel Greenblatt’s book The Little Book that Beats the Market. This is a simple screener that ranks stocks according to the highest Greenblatt earnings yield and Greenblatt return on capital (ROC). Utilities, financial stocks, and foreign stocks are excluded.

Contains metrics for: Value, Profitability

Piotroski High F Score*

This screener find stocks that score highly on accounting professor Joseph Piotroski’s 9-point “F score” system that determines whether a stock has healthy financials with positive trends. If you’re interested in finding profitable and fundamentally strong companies, this is a great screener for you. Read about the logic behind Piotroski’s comprehensive framework here.

Contains metrics for: Financial Health, Profitability

Dogs of the Dow*

The Dogs of the Dow is a dead-simple value + income investing strategy popularized by Michael B. O’Higgins in his 1991 book Beating the Dow. This screener uses ranking to find the 10 highest dividend yielders of the Dow Jones Industrial Average at any point. Of course, you don’t actually need a screener to find these 10 “dogs,” you can simply load the DJIA into your Table and sort on dividend yield, then select the top 10 highest yielders. Read our take on the Dogs of the Dow strategy, which includes suggestions for modifying the screener.

Contains metrics for: Dividends, Index Membership


CAN SLIM is an mnemonic for a growth + momentum strategy created in the 1950s by Investor’s Business Daily founder William J. O’Neil. The screener approximates the strategy’s quantitative criteria, finding aggressively growing companies with strong recent price performance and institutional sponsorship. The strategy also incorporates qualitative criteria that is not possible to screen on. For full color on what CAN SLIM stands for and how it works, check out this blog post.

Contains metrics for: Growth, Momentum

Buffettology Inspired*

This screener is based on criteria described in Mary Buffett and David Clark’s Buffettology book, which shares legendary investor Warren Buffett’s stock selection criteria and methods. The screener sets out to find companies with long track records of generally increasing earnings, manageable debt, time-tested profitability, and a yield that is higher than the long term Treasury yield. This screener is favored by avid investor and frequent Stock Rover guest contributor Randall Bal—see how he uses it in his Choosing a Great Stock blog post.

Contains metrics for: Growth, Profitability, Financial Health, Value

Novy-Marx Quality*

This screener is based on the relatively simple but powerful criteria expressed by finance professor Robert Novy-Marx in his research on quality investing (see his working paper Quality Investing, which includes discussion of several other strategies mentioned here). The signature component of Novy-Marx’s approach is to use gross profit over total assets as a proxy for profitability, or quality. In addition to looking for quality, this screener also looks for momentum (as measured by 1 year price change) and value (as measured by price-to-book). It also filters out stocks with very low market caps and trading volumes.

Contains metrics for: Profitability, Value, Performance

O’Shaughnessy Cornerstone Growth*

This growth screener was laid out in James O’Shaughnessy’s What Works on Wall Street. It represents a vigorously backtested strategy that combines relative strength, earnings consistency, and value. To screen out illiquid stocks, stocks with market caps less than $225M are excluded. Note that the original screener uses relative strength to rank stocks, whereas we use return versus the S&P 500. Contains metrics for: Growth, Performance, Value

Graham Enterprising Screener*

Benjamin Graham is considered the father of value investing. His Enterprising Investor screener focuses on intrinsic value based on a company’s earnings, dividends, and financial strength, and it uses valuation metrics to find bargains on these fundamentally sound companies.

Contains metrics for: Value, Dividends, Financial Health, Growth

Revert to Mean*

This screener represents a theory in investing that prices and returns will eventually come back to their average pattern—in other words they will “revert to mean.” This mean reversion pattern can be measured in different ways. In our screener, we use performance versus industry, sector, and the S&P 500. The screener specifically looks for S&P 500 stocks that have underperformed their benchmarks in the last year, but have a longer term history of outperformance and have in the past month been re-establishing some momentum. The hope is that these stocks are now reverting to their mean (i.e., getting back to a pattern of outperformance).

Contains metrics for: Momentum, Performance

Original Screeners from the Stock Rover Staff

This is just a sampling of our favorites—browse the library and check the Ideas page weekly for fresh stuff!

Top Grades

This screener is simple and straightforward, finding only stocks scoring only A grades from Morningstar in growth and profitability, and scoring at least a C (average) in financial health. Typically, only a handful of stocks pass! You can always relax the criteria by allowing for B and C growth or profitability grades.

Contains metrics for: Growth, Profitability, Financial Health

17 Factor Growth Stock Ranker*

This screener takes our ranking facility to the max. It weights 17 criteria in growth, profitability/efficiency, valuation, and performance/momentum in order to find 50 well-rounded picks. The only filter that stocks must pass is market cap > $2B, so small caps are excluded from the results. In addition to running this on the North American stock population at large, we also recommend applying these weights to existing watchlists or portfolios to see how your picks compare.

Contains metrics for: Growth, Profitability, Value, Performance, Momentum

March Midness!*

Originally created for our March Midness! Mid Cap Stock Tournament, this screener can be run at any time of the year to find growing mid cap stocks with good price performance versus industry and reasonable valuation, financial health, and profitability.

Contains metrics for: Growth, Performance, Value, Financial Health, Profitability

Quality-Oriented GARP

This simple screener looks for growth at a reasonable price (GARP) and uses Novy-Marx’s preferred profitability metric of gross profit to total assets in order to find quality stocks.

Contains metrics for: Growth, Value, Profitability

Blue Chip Finder

This screener is on a mission to find blue chips (very large, low-risk dividend paying companies). The minimum market cap is $50B, so only very large companies will pass, many of which you’ll probably be familiar with. Risk is measured in 1-year beta. 5-year EPS growth is included to find companies that have modest earnings growth, and only stocks with a minimum dividend yield of 1% and steady dividend growth in the last 5 years will pass.

Contains metrics for: Dividends, Volatility, Growth

Dividend Growers*

Dividend growth is one of our favorite strategies at Stock Rover, as we believe it is an effective and rewarding method to maximize total returns while also earning income. Read about it on our blog here and here. This is one version of a dividend growth screener that has led us to some great picks.

Contains metrics for: Dividends, Growth