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We have recently added a number of new features and refinements to Stock Rover. Last month I wrote a blog post covering the improvements we made to the Dashboard and the Earnings Calendar. This blog post covers the other new features and refinements that weren’t covered in the last blog post.

Percentage Based Portfolios

We have made it easy to create portfolios with percentage based allocations. This is done via importing a CSV or Text file in a specific format. In the quantity column, if all of the numbers ends in with %, the import will be will be treated as a percentage based portfolio.

A sample format for a percentage based portfolio import file in CSV or TXT file is as follows:

Symbol,   Quantity

AAPL,      40%
MSFT,      30%
ORCL,      30%

Note that for the above import file, since the total value of the portfolio is not specified, it will be prompted for when you import the portfolio.

If the percentages don’t add to 100%, the remaining percentage is allocated to cash. If the percentages exceed 100%, the cash becomes negative, simulating a portfolio running with margin.

Importing percentage-based portfolios requires that all quantities be specified as percentages. As part of the import file, you can also specify the amount of cash to be divided among the individual tickers according to the percentages they have been assigned. The portfolio below shows how to do this.

Symbol,   Quantity

AAPL,      40%
MSFT,      30%
ORCL,      30%
Cash,      100000

The above portfolio will divide $100,000 of cash among the three tickers listed by their stated percentages, with Stock Rover computing the number of shares required for each security to achieve the percentages, using the prevailing prices at the time of import for each ticker.

If you supply a price column, as shown below. Stock Rover will use those prices, rather than the prevailing prices, to convert the percentages to quantities as shown below.

Symbol,   Quantity,   Price

AAPL,      40%,          126.82
MSFT,     30%,           212.45
ORCL,     30%,           61.88
Cash,      100000,      1

If you would like to try out this new feature, you can download the sample portfolio file or the sample portfolio file with prices and import either file into your Stock Rover account.

Left Brain Research Reports

We have added Analyst Research reports from Left Brain Investment Research, an investment research firm that is both a Stock Rover partner and a Stock Rover user. The Left Brain analysts user Stock Rover as an integral part of their research process.

Left Brain does deep research on select stocks that they find promising from an investment point of view. Left Brain are long term investors with a focus on growth. Their research is now available to all Stock Rover users.

To access the research from Stock Rover, as show in the screenshot below, you can select Markets from our grey selector panel on the left and then click on Analyst Research in the blue header bar. Clicking on the blue link will render the research report in a separate window.

Left Brain Markets Panel

You can also get the Left Brain research by selecting Ideas from the grey selector panel. The screenshot below shows how to access Left Brain from the Ideas panel.

Left Brain Ideas Panel

Custom Metric Enhancement

The Metric Browser now supports editing of custom metrics. If you select the Custom Metrics folder you can view all your custom metrics. Select the metric you want to edit and you will see the Edit Custom Metric menu item as seen in the screenshot below.

Metric Browser Custom Metric Edit

IPO Date Added to Insight Panel

We have added the Initial Public Offering date of a company to the profile section Insight Panel Summary Display. The screenshot below shows the IPO date of Airbnb (ABNB).

Insight Panel IPO Date

Table Filtering

We have added the ability to filter columns in the table from the Table Actions menu. This makes it easy to add and edit filters for the table as shown in the screenshot below.

Filter Table By

When you select “Filter Table By” from the above menu, this will open the window where you can apply filters to the columns in the table, as shown in the screenshot below.

Filter Table By Filter Window

Note you can also filter the Table by right clicking on any table column you want to filter on.

Ratio Charts are Easier to Find

We think Ratio Charts are a really powerful feature of our charting package. We have written a blog post that describes the benefits of Ratio Charts in detail. We also have a 6 minute video that demonstrates Ratio Charts along with some practical examples of their use.

With this as a buildup, we have made it easier to find Ratio Charts. They now have their own button in Charting rather than being inside the Technicals menu. The screenshot below shows you how to get to Ratio Charts within the Chart facility.

Ratio Chart Button

Note that if the width of the Charting Facility is constrained, then the Ratio button may be abbreviated to RC.

Finding All Tickers with Specific Colors and/or Tags

We have made it easy to find tickers that have specific tags and specific colors. This is done from the Ticker context menu, which is reached by right clicking on a ticker or hovering over a ticker and clicking on the down arrow.

When you select Colors for example, from the Ticker Menu, a sub menu will appear as shown below.

Show Stocks_With Color

Clicking on the Show Stock with Colors menu item, as highlighted above, will bring up a new window. From this window, you can create a new Watchlist that will contain all the tickers that have the colors you have selected as shown below.

Show Stocks_With Color Window

The method for finding tickers with specific Tags is identical, as shown in the following screenshots.

Show Stocks_With Tags

First, we select Show Stock with Tags as shown above. And then we select the tags we want in our new watchlist as shown below.

Show Stocks_With Tags Window

The screenshot below shows the new Watchlists created from the steps above.

Show Watchlists

Printing Improvements

We have made several improvements to Stock Rover’s printing capabilities. First off, you can now print statements, as shown in the screenshot below.

Statement Printing

Also Stock Rover Ratings can be printed as well, as shown in the screenshot below.

Ratings Printing

We have also added a new printing feature to the Table. Printing the table is done from the Actions menu as shown below.

Actions Print

Click on Print Table will bring up the Print window. The new feature is the ability to page by group when printing a Table that is grouped. The screenshot below shows how to do this.

Print Table Groups


Well that will do it for this edition of the roll up of features we have recently added to Stock Rover. We hope that you find these improvements useful in helping you become more productive with Stock Rover.

I will end with a teaser, we have some major updates to the product coming, centering on Portfolio Management. The improvements have been coded and are currently in Alpha testing. Stay tuned for more!


Christopher Lemmer says:

Nice additional capabilities! Thanks for always working to improve the tool!

Claude Laberge says:

Which features are offered by type of membership plans ???????
Important info. for potential customers

Howard Reisman says:

Please consult the link for a detailed description of which features are in which plan.

The Premium Trial allows you to switch between the plans so you can experience the features of each one.

Anand Subbaiyan says:

I’ am new to stock rover, joined after researching several products, loving it so far,
It would be ideal for including a stock x-ray style feature, like showing ETF’s weightage by stock quantity and value.

Howard Reisman says:

Good news! That is coming in the next release.

Anand Subbaiyan says:

Good news indeed and looking forward to it.

Bob says:

was the XRay feature ever deployed?

Howard Reisman says:

The X-ray feature will be coming to Trade Planning and Rebalancing soon. After that, we plan to add it to the Portfolio Analytics facility

Kenn says:

Wow – Thanks for keeping your product moving forward!

Barry - Liberated Stock Trader says:

Hi Howard, there are some great features here. Thanks. I just discovered the huge selection of newsfeeds you have.

Perhaps an idea for the future
Would it be possible to see newfeeds for a specific portfolio or watchlist components.


Howard Reisman says:

This can already be done. Simply select the portfolio or watchlist of interest in the navigation tree and select News in the Insight panel and the news for all the tickers in the portfolio or watchlist are displayed.

Charles Foundyller says:

How do you print the DASHBOARD. It’s a great picture of your portfolio.

Alison Murphy says:

We don’t have a print option from the Dashboard page, but you can take a screenshot of the Dashboard and print the screenshot. If you are using the Windows OS, you can use the Snipping Tool to take the screenshot.

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