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We added some significant capabilities to the Stock Rover Dashboard. There are four new sections that we think will add value to your investment activities. We have also made the Dashboard far more customizable. You can now rearrange the order of the Dashboard sections. You can remove sections that you don’t want to see. And if you change your mind, you can add back any sections you removed.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Dashboard, we recommend you check it out. You can find the Dashboard as the top item in the grey selector bar on the left side of Stock Rover as shown in the screenshot below.


The first section in the dashboard shows your portfolio performance for the day, as well as the performance of the Dow 30, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq. This gives you a concise reading of how you are doing vs. the major averages for the day.

You can control which portfolios you want to include in the dashboard by clicking on the blue label to the right of Portfolio, as indicated by the red arrow in the screenshot below. This label shows the number of Portfolios being included in the dashboard vs. how many portfolios you have in total. Clicking on the label brings up a control where you can change which portfolios to include in the Dashboard.

Dashboard Change Portfolios

Dashboard Sections

There are eight sections in the Dashboard, which can be customized, rearranged or hidden, as it suits you. They are as follows:

Portfolio Performance

The Portfolio Performance section shows you the performance of each portfolio you have selected to include in the dashboard in tabular form. You can control the time period to consider via the date selection options in the header bar.

Dashboard Portfolio Performance

Market Movers and Sector Performance

The Market Movers and Sector Performance sections are unchanged from the original dashboard. You can control the content of each display as indicated in the screenshot below

Dashboard Market Movers

52 Week Highs and Lows (New)

This new section displays tickers hitting their 52 week high on the left and tickers hitting their 52 week low on the right for the selected index. The selected index is the S&P 500 in the example below.

Dashboard 52 Week Highs and Lows

Market News (New)

The Market News section is a new addition to the Dashboard. It can be tailored to select the news feeds you want to see, as highlighted by the red arrow. The red box highlights the currently selected news feeds.

Dashboard Market News

When you click on the More Feeds button, you get a list of all of the available news feeds, from which you can select the feeds you want, as shown below.

Dashboard Market News Feeds

Portfolio Charting

Portfolio Charting is a great way to visually view the performance of your portfolio. The first chart allows you to chart portfolio performance on an absolute basis, and vs. key benchmarks, such as the S&P 500. The second chart shows the value of your portfolios over time. Mousing over the second chart shows the absolute value of the portfolios on a given date. Periods are easily selectable and customizable, and can range from one day to five years.

Dashboard Portfolio Charting

Current Holdings

The Current Holdings section shows you portfolio performance at the position level in tabular form, aggregated across portfolios for the most recent day. By right clicking on the column headings, you can group the table by sector or equity type. You can also sort any column in the table by clicking on the column heading. The screenshot below shows the current holdings table grouped by sector.

Dashboard Current Holdings

Future Projected Income (New)

The Future Income Tool is a new section added to the Dashboard that projects your future dividend income on a monthly basis for the portfolios you are displaying in the dashboard. The monthly income is computed from the individual stocks, ETFs and mutual funds you own.

The Future Income section in the Dashboard is limited to looking at income at the summary level. If you want to look at future income at the portfolio level or the holdings level, you will need to go to the full Future Income Tool , which can be selected from the Stock Rover grey menu bar on the left side of the app.

Dashboard Future Projected Income

Earnings Calendar (New)

The Earnings Calendar is a new addition to the Dashboard. Within the Earnings Calendar, you can control which tickers to include. For example you can show the Earnings Calendar for only the stocks in your portfolios, or for the entire market. You can select a variety of populations in-between, including your Watchlists, Quotes List and various segments of the overall market by market cap. You can also sort the display alphabetically or by market cap.

Note that the Earnings Calendar in the dashboard is limited to looking at the tickers reporting for the current month. If you want to look at other months, you will need to go to the full Earnings Calendar, which can be selected from the Stock Rover grey menu bar on the left side of the app.

Dashboard Earnings Calendar

If you click on the More… button as highlighted by the red arrow in the screenshot above, the Earnings Calendar will switch to Day mode, and the Earnings Calendar will provide all of the tickers reporting on the day, as well as additional pertinent information, as shown in the screenshot below.

Dashboard Earnings Calendar

You can switch back to Week Mode or Month Mode by clicking on the associated label in the screenshot above. The left and right arrows to the side of the Day|Week|Month control will allow you to choose different days or weeks when in Day Mode or Week Mode respectively.

Customizing the Dashboard

Customizing the Dashboard allows you to see the sections you want to see in the order you want to see them in. Customization also means you can also decide which of your portfolios are displayed in the dashboard.

To customize the Dashboard, click on the hamburger, i.e. the three horizontal stripes on the right side of any grey section header bar. They are circled in the screenshot below. The ensuing menu will allow you to move the corresponding section up or down. You can also remove (i.e. hide) the section. The visibility of other sections can also be controlled from this menu via the checkboxes, shown in the screenshot below.

Dashboard Customization

The Portfolio Performance, Portfolio Charting, Current Holding sections provide an additional menu item when the hamburger control is clicked. The menu item is called Portfolios to Include. Here you can select the portfolios you wish to include in the dashboard as highlighted by the red arrow in the screenshot below.

Dashboard Customization Portfolio Selection


The Dashboard is always the first place I go when I log into Stock Rover. It is a powerful way to quickly see how your portfolios are performing within the context of the market, and how the markets themselves are performing. At a glance you can see which stocks and sectors are moving, which stocks are reaching 52 week highs and lows, see key news stories, look at your future income stream and see which companies will be announcing earnings.

The Dashboard provides a wealth of data in a highly digestible form, helping you to add insight and perspective in understanding the performance of your portfolios, within the context of the performance of the overall market.


John M Hone says:

I hardly ever used the Dashboard. With the changes made, the tool immediately becomes more useful and I expect to be using it every day now.

One question: in the Portfolio Charting, your sample shows different colored lines showing growth. I get only blue and purple lines which are confusingly similar. How do I change to line colors?
John Hone

Howard Reisman says:

Thank you for feedback. We are very glad you are now finding the Dashboard useful. Regarding the colors, normally when you graph two items, the lines would be blue and red. Please send a screenshot to support so we can assist you further with this problem.

Aaron K. says:

Hi there. Thanks for explaining the changes to the Dashboard. The updates make the section more useful to navigate to my preferences, especially with the earnings calendar to track when companies are scheduled to report. Another useful feature would be a dividend calendar that indicates when companies go ex-dividend and pay outs as well. Nice work – very happy subscriber!

Howard Reisman says:

Thank you for the feedback. To see a dividend calendar, you can use the Dividend Calendar view in the table, which will show that information for any data set you want to load into the table.

Richard Jones says:

A great product keeps getting better and better …. thank you

vikram says:

Thank you for explaining all new features. I wanted to know if “auto mode” – dark mode in night is on your product road map ?

Howard Reisman says:

It’s being considered for the long term. In the meanwhile we recommend using a browser plug in to create dark mode.

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