A Few New Features In Stock Rover


We have added a number of cool new features to Stock Rover. In March we added the Future Income Tool which we wrote about in a blog post. And then in May we added Visuals, which is a comprehensive new facility for data presentation that can be fully customized to see data the way you like it. We wrote two blogs post about Visuals: what it is out of the box and how to customize it.

In this latest blog post I want to cover a few additional features we added to Stock Rover this week that you might find useful.

Future Income Chart

The first thing to mention is that we improved the Future Income tool by adding a graphical representation of future income below the table data. The chart is displayed when viewing future income at the summary level and at the portfolio level. The summary level chart is shown below.

Future Income Summary Chart

The chart can be set to show future income by month or by quarter. The monthly chart is shown above. The buttons on the bottom of the chart select between monthly and quarterly display, with the month button highlighted.

You can also resize the chart by dragging on the size control as highlighted by the red arrow, shown above

If you switch to the portfolio level, the chart changes to a representation that shows the contribution of each portfolio to the overall income total. Here is the same chart at the Portfolio level.

Future Income Portfolio Level Chart

Below is the same chart, but in quarterly rather than monthly format.

Future Income Quarterly Chart

If you mouse over the bars in any of the charts, the tooltip will tell you the contribution of the portfolio for that period, as shown in the snippet below.

Future Income Chart Tooltip

Naming Colors

We added the ability to name colors. When you right click on any ticker in the table, you will get a menu, where one of the menu items is Color. At the top of the Color sub-menu is a new item called Manage Color Names as shown below.

Color Menu

When you click on Manage Color Names, you get the following window.

Manage Color Names

I edited a few of the names to be more descriptive for the way I use colors:

Green = Buy
Yellow = Caution
Red = Sell
Blue = Hold
Cyan = To Research

After my edits, the manage window would look like this:

New Color Names

Now when I right click on Color, I see the color names I want as shown below.

New Color Names Menu

The names you select for colors are also used when you group by color in the table as shown in the screenshot below.

Color Grouping Table

Quotes are More Intuitive

We changed quote handling to be more intuitive. Quotes are entered in the Quotes box as shown below.

Ticker Box Location

Formerly when you added a ticker to the quotes list via the quotes box, it was automatically added to whatever data set you were looking at. This was done to facilitate easy comparison between a selected data set and whatever ad hoc tickers you wanted to investigate. The ad-hoc tickers were also bolded to indicate they were not part of the natural data set you were viewing. This is illustrated in the screenshot below where the data set is the Dow 30, along with added tickers from quotes, which are bolded.

Quotes On

However, many people, especially when they first started using Stock Rover, found this behavior confusing. So we have modified the behavior such that if you turn off the quotes switch, as circled below, quotes will no longer be included in the data set you are looking at. In the screenshot below, you can see that the bolded tickers that were a part of the table in the above screenshot are no longer included in screenshot below.

Quotes Off

If you turn the quotes switch back on, it will re-enable the behavior of including quotes in the table.

Custom Metric Guide

Custom metrics have proven to be extremely popular in Stock Rover with our Premium Plus users. Custom metrics allow you to create your own formulas from the over 600 Stock Rover out-of-the-box metrics, using both current and historical data. Custom metrics can be used as filters in screeners and can be added as columns to any view in the table. They are quite powerful.

We have put together a guide to writing custom metrics. The new Custom Metric Guide covers formula syntax, gives key examples and shares tips and troubleshooting knowledge. The guide can be downloaded as a PDF or as a Word doc.


And last and probably least, we added the ability to produce a PDF invoice for those of you that need to generate invoices for your Stock Rover subscription. You access this by clicking on the down arrow next to your user name in the upper right hand corner of Stock Rover and then selecting Account Settings from the ensuing menu. From there you will want to select the Billing History tab and then click on the Invoice icon to download an invoice as shown below.

Generate Invoice

When you click on the Invoice icon, a PDF containing the invoice for the selected billing will be downloaded to your computer.


So this week we slipped in a few cool new things we hope you will enjoy. There is definitely more good stuff coming. Big things and little things. Stay tuned!


Michael Miller says:

I just cannot praise stock rover enough! You continually surprise with more robust features each week. After 40 years of investing using screeners from many, many providers, I can say yours is by far the most comprehensive. It is truly exceptional.

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