Why Go Premium?

Stock Rover Free provides comprehensive information on stocks, ETFs and funds. You also get a number of other great free features such as analyst estimates, in-depth news and a flexible earnings calendar. So why go Premium?

The short answer is that Premium will help make you a better investor. Much better.

Here’s how…

Exceptional stock comparison capabilities are a key part of all premium plans. You can compare candidate stocks across a wide range of criteria; growth, profitability, financial strength, capital efficiency, price performance, momentum, dividends, analyst ratings, industry and sector decides, and many more, including advanced metrics such as the Piotroski F-Score and the Altman-Z score.

Screening – finding great investment candidates has never been easier with Stock Rover Premium. Our industry best stock and ETF screener will help you find and rank the investment candidates that fit your personal investing strategy.

Research Reports provides a comprehensive summary on any of the 7000+ stocks we track in Stock Rover on the U.S. and Canadian exchanges. Research reports can be viewed in your browser and can be produced in PDF format for portability and sharing. One look is worth a thousand words. See a sample research report here.

Stock Ratings capitalizes on 10 years of detailed historical data along with our unique and sophisticated algorithms to distill complex historical data into percentile performance grades for stocks vs. their peers in key areas such as growth, valuation, efficiency, financial strength, quality, dividends and momentum. An overall grade is rendered for each stock, making it easy to evaluate and compare different investment opportunities.

Portfolio Analysis Tools to show you the true performance of your portfolio given the level of risk taken. See which components that are punching above and below their weight in clear quantitative terms. Stock Rover has a plethora of additional tools such as correlation, trade planning and rebalancing, all of which make constructing, measuring and reconfiguring your portfolio a breeze.

Future Portfolio Simulation uses the Monte Carlo simulation technique to test long term expected portfolio growth under a myriad of scenarios, including portfolio survival based on regulars planned withdrawals. For example, the simulations can show you the odds that you can comfortably retire without going bankrupt.

Future Income projects your future dividend income on a monthly basis from your portfolios. The monthly income is computed from the individual stocks, ETFs and mutual funds you own. The data is shown at the summary, portfolio and individual holdings level. Also included is the expected payment date. Future income data is displayed in both in tabular and graphical formats.

Many more goodies such as trade planning and rebalancing, correlation analysis, ratio charts, stock activity alerts, multi-monitor support, data export, searchable and timed stamped note-taking, the Stock Rover’s Investor Library with a wealth of guru portfolios and professional screeners and much more.

For the full list of premium features, click here.

We offer three premium plans, each with different features and different price points, starting as low at $7.99 a month so that you can match the features you want with the plan that is most cost effective for you.

Make better decisions. Save Time. Go Premium!