Investment Tracking and Planning

Whether you monitor your investments daily or just like to check in occasionally, we have fast and powerful tools to suit your style. Opt in to daily, weekly, or monthly performance reports delivered to your email inbox, so you can effortlessly keep up with your portfolios and watchlists. Explore portfolio allocation and top movers, and consult technical indicators to know when to pull the trigger on a buy or sell. If you go Premium, you can set up alerts to get notified via text or email when a certain price, volume, or other indicator has been crossed.

Before making a trade, test it virtually in our portfolio trade planning window, where you can see how it would change a portfolio’s stats, including sector allocation, cash, and valuation. You can also explore how a trade made in the past would have affected portfolio performance. Our portfolio rebalancing facility lets you target specific stock and sector allocations for your portfolio and then export a precise list of trades you need to get you there.

A Premium plan also gives you Portfolio Analysis, with interactive analytics to help you objectively compare and assess portfolios and individual holdings with a correlation matrix, risk-adjusted return, the Sharpe ratio, and more.