Comparison and Benchmarking Tools

Stock Rover makes it easy to see how stocks, ETFs, portfolios, screeners, and watchlists stack up. The Table in the center of the interface allows you to view equities, portfolios, watchlists, and more side by side in hundreds of financial metrics. Columns are organized into customizable “views” so you are never overwhelmed with data you don’t need. Expandable table rows give you a historical perspective on any given metric.

Chart up to twelve lines at once, plus add in dividends, events such as earnings reports, technicals such as volume and simple moving average, or fundamentals such as P/E and Debt/Equity. The Chart also offers our popular “Set as a baseline” feature, which allows you to set any charted line at zero for a crystal-clear understanding of relative performance. If you go Premium, you get the added benefit of being able save favorite chart configurations as “shortcuts” to instantly configure the chart the way you like it.

Even in our Insight panel, where you can dive deep on a single equity, you can compare to market and industry averages and use the customizable Peers table to compare the selected stock against industry peers.