Stock Rover Announces New Plans

May 21, 2018

Stock Rover is pleased to announce new and more flexible Stock Rover Membership Plans. Currently there are two plans, Basic and Premium. On May 30th, 2018, Stock Rover will offer four plans, one free and three paid, each with different capabilities and price points. Additionally each paid plan will have a monthly, yearly and two year option. The plans are:

Plan Monthly Yearly Two Years
Free no cost no cost no cost
Essentials   $7.99   $79.99 $139.99
Premium $17.99 $179.99 $319.99
Premium Plus $27.99 $279.99 $479.99

The Free Plan is ideal for investors that are interested in market data, news, earnings calendar and investment ideas as well as single stock research.

The Essentials Plan is ideal for investors that want all of the above plus stock screening, portfolios, watchlists, investment comparison, brokerage integration and basic alerting.

The Premium Plan is ideal for more sophisticated investors want all of the capabilities of the Essentials plan plus more historical data (10 years vs. 5 years) , ranked screening, the ability to screen on historical data and  the ability to screen ETFs. The Premium plan also includes our Portfolio Analytics, Trade Planning and Rebalancing and Correlation Analysis facilities, more powerful alerting,  more financial metrics, higher data limits, data export and multiple monitor support as well as a host of other goodies like notes and comments, color coded rows columns, user tagging and more.

The Premium Plus Plan is ideal for investors who want everything Stock Rover has to offer, including all of the above plus the use of user defined equations in screening, custom metrics in reporting, much higher data limits and our brand new and unique stock ratings facility. Stock ratings distills complex historical data into percentile performance grades for stocks vs. their peers in key areas such as growth, valuation, efficiency, financial strength, quality, dividends and momentum. An overall grade is rendered for each stock, making it easy to evaluate and compare different investment opportunities. The Premium Plus plan also includes prioritized support response.

The details of all of the plans can be found on our plan compare page. Additional information on special offers that accompany the new plans can be found in our blog post on the topic.