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This is Ken Leoni VP of Marketing here are Stock Rover and, in this video, I’ll review the Stock Rover membership plans available to all investors.

Let’s start first with a quick summary of the available plans, and then we’ll delve into each one little deeper.

Stock Rover offers three separate paid plans, each with a different set of capabilities and price point, in addition we also offer a free plan.

Additionally, we offer our Research Reports product which can be purchased as a separate plan for those that just want detailed individual stock research reports. However, Research Reports can also be bundled into any of the Stock Rover plans.


The Free Plan is ideal for investors that are interested in market data, news, investment ideas and an earnings calendar and as well as the ability to do single stock research.

You’ll note the items that are starred in the gray navigation pane are available only with paid membership plans.

Under Layouts. We can Chart an individual ticker and we can also get additional Insights on the ticker. There’s a lot of helpful information here related to valuation, growth profitability and more.

We can also integrate and connect to Brokerage Accounts so that you can readily research and analyze without having to manually input positions or change position.

We provide an Ideas Panel that shows a screener of the week along with its top 10 picks as well as two related featured screeners that can be queried for their top 10 picks.

There is also a flexible and powerful Earnings Calendar provided. Clicking on a name in the Earnings Calendar will bring you to the Insight Panel where you can learn more about the stock.

Essentials Plan

Let’s step up to the Essentials Plan which is ideal for investors that want what’s available in the Free Plan plus stock Screening, Investment Comparison, Portfolios, Watchlists, Alerting, and more.

We see now that the gray Navigation pane allows us to:

  • Select groups of tickers for research and analysis including Indices, Portfolios, Watchlists, and Screeners. The tool tips allows us to roll over a screener and get more detail.
  • Note now that the Table Layout is enabled with Essentials and provides a flexible spreadsheet like view for comparing multiple tickers.
  • We can customize these “Views”, we can customize the columns in the view. We can add columns to the view. Note that Essentials allows for all three layouts Table, Chart and Insight to be viewed in a single pane of glass, making it easy to quickly perform research.
  • Essentials allows us to chart up to 5 years of history.
  • If we look more closely at the Insight Panel:
    • We can display the Fair Value, Margin of Safety, and Stock Rover scoring for up to 10 Stocks Per month.
    • Daily analyst ratings and rankings are also included.
  • If we take a quick look at the Metric Browser and filter just on Essentials, we can see that Essentials offers 260+ of the 650+ available metrics.
  • Essentials also gives us access to a Library of Stock Rover assets – including Screeners, Portfolios, Watchlists. Views, and more Metrics.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is the middle-tiered Membership plan and is ideal for investors who want all of the capabilities of the Essentials plan plus more metrics, 10 years of data, ETF screening, Advanced Portfolio Analytics, Multi-monitor Support and more. Let’s take a closer look.

  • We see more historical data, 10 years vs. 5 years of Essentials.
  • The Table layout includes more capabilities – it allows investors to annotate and categorize tickers in the table with things like Color, Tags, Comments, and Notes.
  • We can also expand the layouts into separate windows making it even easier to perform advanced analytics.
  • Premium’s Ranked screening allows us to rank stocks by weighting the importance of the metrics in the screener.
  • You also get the ability to screen on historical data and the ability to screen ETFs.
  • You get Portfolio Analytics – Where you can get Value Over Time, Risk and Reward, and Holdings Details.
  • Premium also allows you to compute the Future Dividend income. You can get it at the Portfolio level, the Holdings level, or even Summary level.
  • You also get Trade Planning and Rebalancing.
  • Correlation analysis helps you diversify your portfolio. Weakly correlated assets provide the only “free lunch” in investing. You can determine the correlations between stocks, ETFs, indices, and even portfolios and watchlists over any date range.
  • Metrics, lets screen for just Premium and Essentials together. We see we have 359 of the 658 available metrics.

Premium Plus Plan

The Premium Plus Plan is the top tiered plan and is ideal for investors who want everything that Stock Rover Premium offers plus Stock Rover’s most advanced screening and charting capabilities.

  • Let’s start with the fact that Stock Premium Plus comes with 300+ additional metrics plus over Stock Rover Premium for a total of some 650 plus metrics.
  • When it comes to screening – you can use equations in your screeners with Stock Rover Premium Plus. This allows you to do the math on the historical data to greatly extend Stock Rover’s screening capabilities. Here we see an equation where we are screening for tickers with an Earnings Per Share of the most recent quarter 18% higher than Q4.
    • If we look at our Piotroski High F-Score screener we show the leveraging of multiple equations. To edit a screener simply right click and update. Clicking on any of these icons will allow us to update the screener.
  • Custom metrics are also available to you in Premium Plus. Here is an example of a custom metric. You can see that Return on Capital Employed is calculated based on this equation:
    “EBIT[Now] / (“Total Assets[Now]”-“Current Liabilities{Now}”)
  • Looking at the Insight Panel we get unlimited access to Stock Rover’s Stock ratings facility. Our advanced stock ratings reports let you know at a glance how a company is performing in many different areas – including growth, profitability, balance sheet strength, capital efficiency, and more. We give you explicit scores and rankings based on an in-depth, sophisticated analysis of the data. You can see which stocks we like and why. In the Insight Panel we see a summary, but we can drill to get more detail.
  • You also get unlimited access to Warnings. This ticker has 2 warnings. Warnings find things that are hard to notice or would require a lot of manual work to figure out. Stock Rover looks for 29 separate issues that make a stock riskier and less desirable from an investment standpoint.
  • Let me expand charting. Let’s plot Apple verses Microsoft. we’ll go back two years.
    • Let’s add a ratio chart, and this is unique to Stock Rover Premium Plus. Ratio charts, allow investors to see relationships between two different sets of time series data. For example, what we’ll show here is how is Apple performing price wise relative to Microsoft over time. Apple in this instance is the numerator and Microsoft will be the the denominator.
    • We can see that Apple underperformed Microsoft till about May 2019, where it then began outperforming Microsoft, especially lately.
    • We can add technicals to ratio charts. Let’s change the ratios chart, we are going to add the simple moving average.
    • We can now see that Apple is way above its 50 Day SMA – this kind of outperformance is probably unsustainable.
    • Ratio charts are highly adjustable. We can change the technicals and we can also change the metrics. Let’s chart using P/E as the ratio.
    • We can see that Apple’s out performance is because the market is awarding Apple a much higher P/E. We can see it used be about ¼ of Microsoft and now it’s about the same.
    • As we can see the ratio charts in Premium Plus greatly expands your charting capabilities.

Stock Rover Research Reports

Stock Rover Research Reports provide a comprehensive on-demand summary on the over 7000 stocks we track on the U.S. and Canadian exchanges and can be purchased Standalone or bundled with a paid Stock Rover subscription.

The research and analytics are performed at the very moment you make that request for the report. So, you are always rest assured that the analytics in your Research Report are current as of the moment the report is created.

The Research Report makes it very easy to perform a deep dive into any stock with a single click of the mouse. Everything you could want to know about the stock is incorporated into the report. The information as you can see is displayed in a clear and well-structured way, making it effortless to perform comprehensive research on a company.

Stock Rover Compare Plans

For a more detailed comparison of Stock Rover’s membership options, you’ll want to visit our compare plans page . This page really does an excellent job showing the differences between the Stock Rover membership plan options.

Stock Rover Pricing

For plan pricing please see here. We offer both monthly and yearly subscriptions. Please note that the pricing we see here is in effect as of the time of this video.

Thank you for watching this video and I hope you found this video to be useful and informative.