Stock Rover’s User Friendly Interface featured in Barron’s

Boston, MA - September 14, 2015

A September 12th article in Barron’s magazine highlights Stock Rover’s modern user interface (UI). The article focuses on Stock Rover version 6.0, released in April 2015. It mentions that while PCs have been making the typical graphical UI more usable for consumers, most financial websites have stayed in the past. Mike Hogan from Barron’s writes:

“Visit a half­dozen financial Websites and you probably have to acclimate yourself to a half­dozen different navigation schemes. By contrast, Stock Rover 6.0 employs longstanding user interface conventions, like resizable and detachable windows and page tabs to hop between views that are familiar to anyone who has ever used a computer. ‘We wanted to make it cleaner, smoother, and more functional, without reducing usability for people who already know the product,’ says CEO Howard Reisman. Sounds like a commonsense goal, but it’s rare for desktop software or Web developers to make customer preferences a priority”

The rest of the article can be read by Barron’s subscribers on the Barron’s website.

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