Stock Rover Reviewed by Consumer Advocate

January 25, 2021

Stock Rover was recently reviewed by Consumer Advocate, a leading web site for helping people to make better buying decisions. Or as they put it: is the trusted source for life’s most important buying decisions.

Consumer Advocate said in their review of Stock Rover that…

“We were impressed by the amount of detail Stock Rover includes about its various plans and how easy they make it to compare them side-by-side. We also appreciated the company‚Äôs transparency around pricing and its extensive FAQ section.”

Consumer Advocate further said that…

“Pouring over a bunch of tiny numbers on a screen can be daunting. Stock Rover provides much of its information in easy-to-understand graphic and tabular format.”

Consumer Advocate summed up their review by saying…

“Stock Rover is a very powerful tool when you take advantage of its many features. Because it is highly customizable, users can easily focus on the individual stocks and industries that interest them. For investors who have more than one portfolio, the opportunity Stock Rover offers to manage and integrate multiple portfolios is a real convenience and time saver.”

Stock Rover is the leading Investment Research Platform to help investors to make smarter and more informed investment decisions. Stock Rover, delivers in-depth financial data and sophisticated analysis tools in an organized format, with a special focus on finding and comparing candidate investment opportunities and portfolio management and analysis.