Stock Rover Reviewed by Bullish Bears

October 22, 2019

Stock Rover was recently reviewed by Bullish Bears. The Bullish Bear review raved about Stock Rover’s comprehensive investment features and capabilities. A few selected quotes from the review follow:

Regarding Stock Rover’s automated connection to brokerage houses:

“I have to say Stock Rover was the easiest connection I have ever experienced. I now wonder why no one else can make the connection as easily!”

On the breath and depth of Stock Rover:

“I wanted to compare Stock Rover to another investment analytics firm, but I couldn’t find one that offered the same powerful tools.”

Bullish Bears nicely summed up the the benefits of subscribing to Stock Rover:

“My personal trading style changed once I joined Stock Rover, and maybe that alone was worth the subscription to their services.”

“The changes in what I trade and how I trade it certainly increased my portfolio diversity and increased my ROI. In the end, this is what it is all about; the bottom line.”

“If you are new to trading and investing or are a seasoned professional this collection of professional tools will take you (and your portfolio) to the next level.”

Stock Rover is the leading Investment Research Platform to help investors to make smarter and more informed investment decisions. Stock Rover, delivers in-depth financial data and sophisticated analysis tools in an organized format, with a special focus on finding and comparing candidate investment opportunities and portfolio management and analysis.