Stock Rover Releases Stock Rover™ V2.0

Braintree, MA - May 2, 2013

Today Stock Rover released version 2.0 of Stock Rover, which introduces several new features and product enhancements, as well as support for the iPad. Existing users will automatically receive the updates upon logging into Stock Rover.

Stock Rover will now start up much faster in all of our supported browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on the Mac, and Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Notably, our screener now includes a unique new quant facility which ranks stocks according to user-defined criteria that can be separately weighted for importance. This makes it easy for users to identify their top stocks based on the criteria that match their investing preferences. In time, the Quants facility will only be available to paid subscribers, but currently it is available to all users.

The Table now auto-refreshes with the most updated price versions; previously data was updated only when something was clicked in Stock Rover. This means that even when users are not actively navigating through Stock Rover, the Table will still display the most recent data.

Our Notes feature now permits navigation through Stock Rover while updating a note, and also includes a number of refinements to the UI that make the feature more intuitive to use.

There are a few enhancements to our Charting facility. First, when viewing percent change in the Chart, the percent change now also appears in the Chart legend, making it more visible. Second, charting all portfolios or all watchlists at once is now possible through the right-click menu in the Navigation Panel. Right-clicking a portfolio or watchlist now includes the option to chart all portfolios or watchlists together with just one click.

The following metrics have been added:

  • EPS Next-Year Change (estimated % change)
  • Daily Price Range
  • 1- and 3-Year Volatility
  • Price / Tangible Book
  • Price to Target (%) (only available for portfolios)

Finally, we are pleased to unveil our long-anticipated iPad app. The app offers most of the functionality of our web app, but is optimized for speed and usability on the iPad. Android support is in the pipeline but is not offered in this release.

Screenshots and more details about these updates can be found on our blog.

We are continuing to actively develop and improve Stock Rover based on user feedback. The product is still entirely free for anyone to use. New users can register at

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