Stock Rover Markets Unveiled and Stock Rover™ 6.1 Released

Boston, MA - September 8, 2015

Today, Stock Rover unveiled a brand new online financial platform, Stock Rover Markets, as well as version 6.1 of its signature research application, Stock Rover.

Located at, Stock Rover Markets focuses on delivering market and commodities news, stock quotes, financial details, and other information for investors in an efficient and uncluttered interface. Stock Rover Markets is currently in beta.

The latest version of Stock Rover, V6.1, brings a wide variety of upgrades, including pricing for commodities and worldwide market indices, a new Analyst Ratings panel, and EPS & Sales graph, a wide variety of new metrics, and a swath of improvements to the user interface. More details and images of Stock Rover 6.1 can be found on the Stock Rover Blog.

Stock Rover Markets and Stock Rover are integrated so that only one login is required, and the user can toggle between Stock Rover and Stock Rover Markets seamlessly.

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