Stock Rover Exceeds 1.5B of Funds in Brokerage Linked Portfolios

January 5, 2018

Stock Rover, a leading independent stock research platform, announced today, that as of  December 31st, 2017, Stock Rover has over $1,500,000,000 (1.5B) of funds contained in customer linked brokerage portfolios.

In early 2016, Stock Rover introduced a brokerage connection feature, which allows our users to connect their Stock Rover accounts to their brokerage house for seamless portfolio updating. The brokerage connection allows Stock Rover users to do real-time investment research on their portfolios without requiring any user effort to administer, once the connection is set up. Setting up the connection is extremely quick and easy. Brokerage connection has proven to be one of the more popular features of Stock Rover. The growth of the funds from zero to over 1.5 billion dollars in under 2 years is due to the increasing popularity of Stock Rover as an investment research platform and the seamless nature of the portfolio connection.