Stock Rover™ Announces the Release of V4.2

Braintree, MA - March 14, 2014

Today Stock Rover LLC released version 4.2 of Stock Rover, which features a significant upgrade to the portfolio manager, as well as a new tool for Premium users called Chart Shortcuts. Also included in this release are a newly searchable support database and a new metric, the Altman Z-Score, as well as a number of minor refinements and improvements.

The enhanced portfolio manager offers more flexibility for recording trades, allowing users to more easily create accurate representations of their portfolios. In addition to the position-based portfolio management system already offered in Stock Rover, the new portfolio manager also contains the option for users to edit individual trades. Selecting ‘Edit Trades’ opens a list of the portfolio’s trading history where new trades can be added or old ones can be modified.

This transaction-based system of portfolio management can be used in conjunction with the position-based system, or as an alternative to it. Based on user feedback, V4.2 also provides a few additional enhancements to the portfolio manager, such as the ability to update multiple date records within one dialog session.

Chart Shortcuts allow Premium users to save their favorite chart configurations so they can easily be applied to any items in the chart. The shortcut saves a chart’s time period as well as any events, benchmarks, technicals, and fundamentals. The menu of saved shortcuts is available on the right side of the Chart’s toolbar.

Altman Z-Score is a popular credit-strength measure that aims to show how likely a company is to go bankrupt. This metric is now available in the screener and as a column in the Table.

Stock Rover continues to develop the help resources on its website. The Support pages, a database of answers to a wide range of real user questions, now include a new search box, making it easy for users to find the answers they are seeking. The database is updated regularly as new questions come in.

More detail about these changes can be found in the Stock Rover blog. Stock Rover’s Basic membership plan continues to provide robust stock research capabilities for free. The paid subscription option, Premium membership, offers additional flexibility, advanced research tools, and portfolio analytics on top of everything that is available in Basic membership. New users can register at

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Stock Rover LLC was founded in late 2008 as Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin began to design and engineer the pilot product, Stock Rover. Founded to help bring products to the market that would allow investors to make better decisions, Stock Rover looks to simplify the way investors make decisions by letting investors be in complete control of their investment process, from initial research to portfolio tracking.

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