Stock Rover™ Announces the Release of V4.0

Braintree, MA - November 12, 2013

Today Stock Rover LLC released version 4.0 of Stock Rover, which introduces several new features and product enhancements, including two additional pillars to the Stock Rover architecture: Portfolio Reporting and the Investors’ Library. Existing users will automatically receive the updates upon logging into Stock Rover.

The Stock Rover application now contains a search box in the toolbar, allowing a user at any time to search for a term across the Stock Rover website, including the help pages, blog, and videos.

Users can now tag tickers with keywords, and the ‘Tag’ column can be added to the Table in order to see the tags for the displayed tickers. Stocks can be grouped based on tagged keywords, as well as saved together as a portfolio or a watchlist.

Stock Rover now tracks historical positions for all portfolios, so users can manage their portfolio’s history. This new dimension is integral to the new Portfolio Reporting facility, which supplies detailed analytics for all portfolios in Stock Rover. Users can see metrics and charts related to value, gain, risk, return, and volatility for their portfolios and their individual holdings over time periods ranging from one day to ten years.

The new Investors’ Library adds a social component to Stock Rover. This is where users can import addition portfolios, watchlists, screeners, quants, views, metric packages, custom metrics, and research links into their account, as well as restore the defaults that come with a Stock Rover account. The items in the Library may be created by the Stock Rover team, or may be uploaded by any Stock Rover user. All submitted items must adhere to the Terms of Use.

In addition to submitting their own items, such as portfolios and watchlists, the Investors’ Library is where users can request custom metrics. The submissions for new metrics will be reviewed by the Stock Rover team and, if feasible, added to the Library.

The following metrics have been added:

  • Price vs. 52-wk Range
  • Total Debt
  • Stock Based Compensation
  • Foreign Sales (%)
  • Screenable set of 5 year metrics (e.g. 5-year price to book range)
  • Gross Profit/Total Assets

Screenshots and more details about these updates can be found on the blog.

Stock Rover is continuing to actively develop and improve the product based on user feedback. The product is still entirely free for anyone to use. New users can register at

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