Stock Rover™ Announces the Release of V3.0

Braintree, MA - August 12, 2013

Today Stock Rover LLC released the latest version of Stock Rover, V3.0, which introduces a number of new features.

Portfolios can now be organized into subfolders, and users can view the overall performance of each subfolder.

The details of portfolio allocation across equity type, sector, industry, and stocks are available in the Insight panel when a portfolio is selected in the Table.

The screener now returns an unlimited number of results.

Stock Rover now supports 10 years of financial data for supported stocks, though this feature will only be available to subscribers when subscription pricing is introduced in Fall 2013.

The chart now handles over 100 fundamental metrics, and can chart groups of fundamentals that are bundled together in a metric package.

The following metrics have been added to our database:

  • 5-Year Price / Earnings Range
  • 5-Year Price / Sales Range
  • 5-Year Price / Book Range
  • 5-Year Price / Cash Flow Range
  • 5-Year Price / Free Cash Flow Range
  • 5-Year Price / Tangible Book Range
  • 5-Year Price Range
  • Operating Income Per Share
  • Yield On Cost

Stock Rover now supports over 1000 Money Market Funds.

Max Drawdown can be added to the chart.

Screener tooltips, which show a screener’s criteria on mousing over the screener in the Navigation panel, are available through the Options→Tooltips menu.

The stocks within a watchlist can now be ranked according to a quant screener.

The Email Notifications window now allows the user to control what kinds of emails he or she receives from Stock Rover.

Exporting a screener also includes a readable copy of the screener criteria in the exported text file.

Benzinga has been added as a newsfeed source.

Screenshots and more details about these updates can be found on our blog.

We are continuing to actively develop and improve Stock Rover based on user feedback. The product is still entirely free for anyone to use. New users can register at

About Stock Rover

Stock Rover LLC was founded in late 2008 as Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin began to design and engineer the pilot product, Stock Rover. Founded to help bring products to the market that would allow individual investors to make better decisions, Stock Rover looks to simplify the way investors make decisions by letting investors be in complete control of their investment process, from initial research to portfolio tracking.

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