Stock Rover Announces New Mobile Beta

September 10, 2023

Stock Rover is pleased to announce the release of its new mobile web interface. The web interface runs in all supported browsers, including the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox.

The new mobile interface has greatly increased the Stock Rover functionality available for mobile devices. The expanded mobile capability is packaged in a new, modern mobile design.

Below is a link to a sample screenshot of the the home page for the new mobile interface.

Stock Rover Mobile User Interface Home Page

The mobile interface includes a new Card layout that is unique to mobile devices. The Card layout provides a succinct and colorful way to compare equities in a compact form. There are nine different card layouts provided in the beta version of the mobile user interface.

The Card layouts include information on Analyst Returns, Dividend Yield, Earnings Surprise, Growth, Company Profile, Profit Margins, Ratings vs. Peers, Return and Valuation.

A link to a sample screenshot below shows an example of the Return card. The Return Card compares the year to date price return performance of the selected tickers, in this case the Dow 30.

Stock Rover Mobile Card View – Year To Date Returns for the Dow 30

The beta version of Stock Rover mobile is available to all Stock Rover users through September 30th, 2023. After that the mobile release will be available to Premium and Premium Plus subscribers.

When you log into Stock Rover on a mobile device, Stock Rover will ask if you want to use the new mobile beta or the desktop version. Subsequent logins will remember your choice.

Users can experience the mobile beta on any device via the URL

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