Stock Rover™ 6.3 Released

Boston, MA - January 11, 2016

Today, Stock Rover released the newest version of its signature research application — Stock Rover 6.3.

The latest version of Stock Rover comes with many new features, the most significant being brokerage integration. This will allow users to connect their Stock Rover profiles to their brokerage portfolios, eliminating the need to manually update their portfolios in Stock Rover or make imports. This feature will be available to all users while it is in Beta, which it will be from now until the end of March. After this Beta Period, Stock Rover will decide its policy concerning basic users and brokerage integration.

Along with brokerage integration, some of the other new features available in this release include a redesigned Insight panel and more than 10 new Premium metrics.

To get an in-depth look at all of the upgrades that happened with 6.3, read Stock Rover’s blog post A New Year, A New Release: Stock Rover 6.3.

For More Information

To get more information about specific upgrades in the new release or to learn more in general, contact:

Alex Reisman, Communications Manager

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