New Stock Rover Users

Welcome new Stock Rover user! This page explains and links to all of our support and training resources. We try to make our website a useful and dynamic place to learn how to get the most out of Stock Rover.

Stock Rover Resources


Our Video Library offers video tutorials, from quick 1-minute lessons to full webinar recordings. Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

Scroll down on any video page to see a list of the video’s contents as well as a list of related videos and help topics.



See a live demo of Stock Rover in one of our webinars. We offer a variety of courses showing how you can use Stock Rover to conduct and enhance your investment research, including a monthly introductory session that tours the entire product. You can also view video recordings of past webinars here.


User Guides

Head to our Help pages our written resources.

You’ll also find a link to our Getting Started guide (also called the New Users Guide), which introduces you to all the Stock Rover basics, such as how to access drop-down menus. It is also available as a PDF.


Metrics & Tickers

The Metrics and Tickers pages list and define all the financial, operational, performance and price metrics that Stock Rover can provide for our supported stocks, as well as all tickers available in Stock Rover. The metric definitions are also available in a PDF.



Answers to frequently asked questions from prospective users, This includes information about who Stock Rover is designed for, what browsers it runs on, and where we get our data. For a larger database of Q&As about how to use Stock Rover, refer to the Support pages.



Our popular blog articles show you how we’ve used Stock Rover to conduct research and develop investment ideas. Read our findings on top dividend growing stocks, MLPs, and stocks like Apple, Google, Chipotle, and McDonald’s. You’ll also learn about the new features with each new version release and tips for using Stock Rover features, like how to stay organized using Views.



Use the searchbox at the top of our website (or in the top toolbar of the Stock Rover screen) to search for anything you might be looking for. For example, searching for “screening” will find any page on our website that is related to screening, including videos, blog articles, and help pages.


Customer Support Team

You can always email us with questions at Or, if you’re in the Stock Rover app, you can get in touch with us by clicking the Feedback button in the top right corner. Our customer support team responds to emails during regular business hours (Eastern time), Monday though Friday.