Stock Rover Reviewed by Vintage Value Investing

January 27, 2020

Stock Rover was recently reviewed by Vintage Value Investing.

Vintage Value Investing said that investors who join Stock Rover will realize that it’s one of the best equity research platforms around for both institutional and private investors. They called it “a compelling market analysis and investment research tool that does more than what investors expect”. A few selected quotes from the review follow:

“Where Stock Rover is really shines is in its ability to quickly and accurately compare stocks in a single table. There is simply no other service around that offers the tools to compare stocks like Stock Rover.”

Vintage Value Investing also lauded Stock Rover for its Cutting-Edge Screeners saying “Stock Rover supplies users with the most detailed stock screener we have seen yet.”

“With access to a game changing product like the Stock Research Report, investors will no doubt have access to every single data point they need to make sound investment decisions.”

Stock Rover is the leading Investment Research Platform to help investors to make smarter and more informed investment decisions. Stock Rover, delivers in-depth financial data and sophisticated analysis tools in an organized format, with a special focus on finding and comparing candidate investment opportunities and portfolio management and analysis.