What's in the Dashboard


The Dashboard provides a performance overview for your portfolios and as well as the overall market. The Dashboard has additional sections that cover news, projected portfolio future dividend income and an Earnings Calendar. The Dashboard is completely configurable. Sections can be reordered, modified or hidden.

Below is a screenshot of the beginning part of a sample Dashboard. The Dashboard is fully scrollable.

dashboard overview

Portfolio Performance

This section shows you in tabular form the performance of each portfolio in the selected time period. This table displays the performance at the portfolio level.

dashboard portfolio performance

Holdings Performance Map

This section shows the holdings of the selected portfolios. When the “By Value” button is selected the rectangles size based on the total dollar value of the holdings. If the “Uniform” button is selected the rectangles are the same size for each holding. The color of the stock reflects the performance for the dashboard time period selected. If you mouse over any of the holdings you get a tool tip with additional information as seen in the image below.

dashboard portfolio performance

Markets Movers / Sector Performance

This section shows the market movers on the left and the sector performance on the right.

dashboard market movers/sector performance

The Market Movers table has options to display stocks based on Most Actives, %Gainers, or % Losers. The drop down box in the upper left allows you to select which index to view, and the time range can be set from the Return time period selection boxes at the top of the dashboard.

The Sector Performance table to the right of Market Movers displays return and 52 week ranges for each sector for the time period specified at the top of the dashboard.

Market Movers

52 Week Highs and Lows

This section displays the tickers hitting their 52 week high on the left and tickers hitting their 52 week low on the right for the selected index.

dashboard 52wk highs and lows

Market and Portfolio News

This section displays the latest news.

dashboard market news

The News Type menu pull down gives you the option to display news on the markets as a whole or news specific to the tickers in the Portfolios you are displaying in the Dashboard. The screenshot below shows you how to change the news type between market news and portfolio ticker news.

dashboard market news

The More Feeds pull down menu, highlighted below, gives you the ability to select additional news feeds to display. The screenshot below shows the list of feeds available with Market News selected. Checking or unchecking a box next to a feed will govern whether the feed is included in the news scroll.

dashboard market news

The screenshot below shows the feeds available when Portfolio News is selected.

dashboard market news

Portfolio Charting

This section section displays two portfolio charts. The top chart displays the performance of your portfolio both on an absolute basis, and vs. key benchmarks such as the S&P 500. The bottom chart shows the value of your portfolios over time.

dashboard portfolio charting

Current Holdings

This section shows you in tabular form the performance at the position level, aggregated across portfolios for the time period selected at the top of the Dashboard. The Current Holdings table also has the ability to group by sector or equity type as well sorting on the columns in the this table.

dashboard current holdings

Future Projected Income

The Future Income display in the Dashboard is available to all users.

This section displays the expected monthly, quarterly and yearly future income for the selected portfolios in the Dashboard. To access the full Future Income tool, you can click on the Full Details button if you have the appropriate plan.

Note: Premium and Premium Plus users can also utilize the more comprehensive Future Income tool in the Portfolio Manager. Please see the Portfolio Manager Future Income help section for more information.

dashboard future income

Earnings Calendar

This section allows you to see when companies will report their earnings. The Earnings Calendar is limited to looking at the tickers reporting for the current month. If you want to look at more dates you will need to go to the full Earnings Calendar option available from the grey menu bar.

Note: For additional information on Earnings Calendar please see our detailed help section.

dashboard earnings calendar

Customizing the Dashboard