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This is Ken Leoni VP of Marketing at Stock Rover In this video I’ll showcase a powerful Stock Rover capability: Stock Rover Research Reports.

Before delving into the analytics contained within Stock Rover Research Reports let’s talk a bit about what differentiates Stock Rover Research Reports.

How Are Research Reports Different?

Typically, when we hear the term Research Reports, we think of an analyst generated report that is published for consumption by investors.

The problem with this methodology is that analyst generated reports are by their nature static while the market is as we all know dynamic. To clarify, a lot can happen in a day, week, or month since a report is published. Go beyond a month or two, and the efficacy of the report is dramatically reduced because there are invariably changes occurring in the industry, the sector, amongst peers, or within the company itself.

Here is where Stock Rover’s Research Reports fundamentally changes the paradigm.

Stock Rover Research Reports deliver an on-demand comprehensive summary on any of the 7000+ stocks we track on the U.S. and Canadian exchanges.

When you request a Research Report from Stock Rover, the research and analytics are performed at the very moment you make that request. So, you are always assured that the analytics in your Research Report are current as of the moment the report is created.

As we’ll see proper research and analytics are just as much about what is happening within the industry and amongst peers as it is with the company itself, so there are lots of moving parts.

Accessing Research Reports

Accessing Stock Rover Research Reports is as simple as right clicking on a ticker or clicking on Research Report in the Summary tab of the Insight panel. The Research Reports can be viewed in your browser and they can also be produced in PDF format.

Note that printing the report prints the current report, while selecting PDF generates a report generated at close of previous day’s business

Key Information

Let’s take a look at a Research Report for Apple that I just generated. Note that the report is 8 pages, and is packed with information that is displayed in a clear and well-structured way. The whole idea here is to make it effortless to perform comprehensive research on a company.

Let’s start with some key information including

  • P/E, EPS and Sales Growth
  • The dividend adjusted return of Apple vs. its Industry, and S&P 500 over the last year
  • An Analyst Consensus Summary
  • Stock Rover also provides quantitative scoring in the areas of value, quality, growth and sentiment. We also compute fair value and margin of safety. For more detail on both scoring and fair value you’ll want to check out the Stock Rover blog and videos sections where there is quite a bit of useful information
  • Research reports also highlight any warnings or issues of concern for the stock as well.


The Warnings Facility looks at 29 separate issues of potential concern and indicates which ones a given stock is afflicted with (if any) and to what degree. The warnings cover a variety of issues concerning financial and operational performance, price, technicals, and analyst estimates.

The last page of the report contains more details on any warnings. In this case we have one warning. We see a declining EPS growth.

Here is another example of a Research Report with Warnings, this report is showing some of the challenges that Boeing Aerospace is contending with. Notice the detail that the warnings provide.

Metrics in Context

Let’s move to the next page:

  • We see lots of helpful valuation metrics for Apple as well as its industry and the S&P 500. Note how the format allows us to quickly look at comparative information.
  • Here we see how Apple, the Industry, and S&P 500 has grown in sales and in EPS over the last year, the last 3 years and the last 5 years.
  • The Peers Analysis is looking at Apple verses its peers, analyzing a subset of the metrics and scores we looked at earlier.

The Research Report provides a great deal of context for a ticker, especially when comparing to its industry, and the S&P 500. Stock Rover delivers meaningful data both in tabular and graphical format for comparing profitability, returns, dividend, and much more.

Here we get more detail on earnings, risk, seasonality, and the 5-year performance verse the stock’s sector, and the S &P 500.


As we can see Stock Rover provides extensive information about a stock verses’ its closest peers; not only are key financial metrics included but there is also a rating.

To learn more about ratings, you’ll want to visit our blog and videos section.

A quick explanation of ratings – for each of the six categories Growth, Valuation, Efficiency, Financial Strength, Dividend, and Momentum Stock Rover selects the set of metrics that are critical to determining the performance of the stock in that specific category. And then for each metric in the category, Stock Rover looks at the value, trajectory and the volatility of that metric and grades it against its peers to calculate a percentile score.


Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Apple’s dividend story. A chart shows the yearly progression of dividend payments along with the price performance of Apple superimposed in the background. The calendar shows all the declaration and payment dates for a dividend. Also included is upcoming dividend information, as well as information on the dividend rate the stock pays. Key dividend statistics are also displayed, including the payout ratio.

  • The financial statement summary goes back 5 calendar years, shows a trailing twelve months, in addition to the compound annual growth rate
  • We can also see the history of key valuation and profitability metrics for Apple.


To summarize Stock Rover on-demand Research Reports makes it very easy to perform a deep dive into any stock with a single click of the mouse. Everything you would want to know about the stock is incorporated into the report. The information is displayed in a clear and well-structured way, making it effortless to perform comprehensive research on a company.