Stock Rover in the Classroom

We know that professors have a lot of options for real-world teaching tools, but Stock Rover offers a comprehensive, free platform that students can access from their personal laptops, making it ideal for use in large lectures or homework assignments. Additionally, Stock Rover is a program that students can continue to use after their investments course when they are beyond the reach of expensive university tools.

For a tour of the Stock Rover features that are particularly relevant to a classroom setting, download our Guide to Stock Rover in the Classroom.


“One of the main reasons I use Stock Rover in my curriculum is because I want to get students exposed to something that they can use when they leave here. If I exclusively use expensive library resources, students wouldn’t be able to continue to afford access to them when they leave my class.”
     — Dr. Frederick Schadler, Associate Professor in Finance at East Carolina University

“As an investment professional, I have access to a myriad of investment resources. Rarely does a tool come along that combines the best attributes of multiple websites into one phenomenal resource…The ability to compare the financial metrics of multiple companies side by side sets this tool apart.”
     — Brent Jaciow, Chief Investment Officer at Maseco Private Wealth S.A.

“Better than $500/Month tools! Stock Rover has made me a better investor.”
     — Yeryer, on

Guidelines for Classroom Use

  • Free Premium membership for all students for the duration of the class (for details on what’s included in Premium, visit the subscription page)
  • Instructor must submit the course description, as well as roster of students.
  • Students must create their account with their .edu email addresses (though they can be changed later)
  • Instructor will have a “master” account which will have an increased limit for portfolios and watchlists so they can import the work from all students

Please email for details on setting up Stock Rover for use in your classroom.