Howard Reisman - Founder, CEO

March 29, 2016 | admin

Mr. Reisman is a Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, where he earned degrees in mathematics and in economics.

Shortly after graduation, he founded a company called Heroix, which has now been in business for 35 years providing advanced system management software for large scale corporate data centers. In the course of running Heroix, he designed and developed four successive generations of system management software, all of which were highly successful (Quantum, RoboMon, Heroix eQ and Longitude).

In late 2008, Mr. Reisman, along with Mr. Andrew Martin were frustrated with the tools and web sites available to the individual investor. Being software engineers, they knew they could build a better mousetrap. Mr. Reisman became so committed to the vision of Stock Rover, he transitioned from running Heroix to building Stock Rover. Mr. Reisman remains the Chairman of the Board of Heroix corp. Mr. Reisman also serves on the advisory board for the Brown University Engineering Design Workshop.